Cancer Woman

cancer woman 1



 Cancer woman is the child of the Moon which gives her a lunar appearance. This appearance is subtle, reassuring and protective. Her height is small to average, her upper body is rounded with slender arms and legs, and small hands and feet. She does tend to become stout when she reaches her thirties. She will have either a full and prominent or small ample bust. Her hips are usually slimmer than her bust. Cancer woman has round-shaped features-moonlike and baby-faced. Her face is soft with a pale complexion. Her nose is small and short, but somewhat upturned at the tip. She has a high forehead, round chin and a wide mouth with a charming grin. Cancer woman usually has quite large, almond-shaped eyes which are black, light blue or even grey. Her eyes are luminous, watery and full of emotion-she has that wide-eyed impressionability. She has thin or sparse, dark to medium color hair. Cancer woman’s expressions are always soft and dreamy.


 Cancer woman is wise, with a philosophical view on life. She is sensitive, emotional, kind and caring. She is a loyal and whole-hearted person with deep emotions. Passionate, volatile and exciting, Cancer woman has an emotional strength and vulnerability which many find to be highly feminine. What is noteworthy about her is that she is highly intuitive and imaginative. She is very in-tune with people’s emotions and will see right through them. She is a great communicator and can often enlighten people with only a few words. She is exceptionally friendly and loves to help others and feel needed. She is marked by great selflessness. Cancer woman has a soulful laughter and a good sense of humor. She is very practical and is usually very graceful in getting what she wants. Very ambitious, she always wants to be on the top of everything. Devotion is the key word for Cancer woman, making her a wonderful person to be around.


 Cancer woman can be irritable and cranky, she has an uneasy and delicate temperament. Being easily irritated, vain, lazy and selfish are her major failings. She is rather close-minded and opinionated. Cancer woman can be sulky, devious, moody and inclined to self-pity. She needs constant support and encouragement-she needs to be needed. Due to her fear of trust, Cancer woman is closed off emotionally and physically to the world and it is difficult for her to open up. She lives in the past, holding past events close and often dwelling on the past. She is very possessive, not just with material things but with people as well. Hating to take responsibility in life, she would rather be at home. With a tendency toward chronic complaining, Cancer woman will never forget an error. She has a retentive memory and rarely forgives slights and hurts. She cannot take criticism and once hurt, she is likely to hold grudge forever. Being deeply scared of rejection, makes her vulnerable. The fact that she is quite emotional and sensitive only adds to this vulnerability.


 Cancer woman has lively and spontaneous lifestyle. She loves to travel, no matter the destination. Her appreciation for food and talent for cooking helps her to create delicious new flavors. She does have a sweet tooth, sometimes over-indulging in sweets, ice cream and desserts. Cancer woman loves history and is fascinated with the beginnings of things such as heraldry and ancestry. With a natural flair for the dramatic and a lively artistic talent, Cancer woman enthralls herself in art, writing, composing, acting and astrology.


 Cancer woman is an excellent business person and investor because of her intuition and with her creative forward thinking mind, she is able to predict future trends. She is known to attract success as well as wealth which helps her know where and when to invest. She definitely has a penchant as an investor or business partner. Cancer woman is always interested in what other people are thinking which makes her good for journalism, writing and politics. Responsible and dedicated, Cancer woman comes well prepared for meetings and conferences. Being a superior organizer with a sense of value and economics, she is often successful in industry fields. With her love for nurturing and taking care of things, she will excel in the fields of human resources, law, nursing, teaching and child care. Cancer woman works steadily and ensures that the work is being done the way it is supposed to be done. She will relentlessly pursue what she sets her mind at. She is not shy to use her femininity to her advantage as and when situation demands. Cancer woman’s personal perseverance is what makes her powerful when it comes to handling her career. 


 Cancer woman likes to mother everyone around her and is a caring and thoughtful friend. She is extremely loyal to those who appreciate and support her. There is something comforting about a friendship with her, she will be there when in need. With her gentle and caring spirit, she is the one to whom others turn to with problems, worries and life choice concerns. Cancer woman has a large circle of friends and activities, however she is a shy person who often waits for the friendship to develop instead of actively pursuing it. Despite her ability to support and nurture her pals, she does not make friends easily. This is because she takes life seriously and does not bother to indulge in superficial associations. Crabby Cancer woman’s fragile feelings can sometimes be trampled on by careless, clumsy comments, so tactless, rude and inconsiderate people need not apply.


 Cancer woman loves home life, family and domestic settings. She appreciates the security of a home-base in which she can retire when the stresses of home life become too much to bare. She has a strong desire to make her home a place of domestic bliss. Cancer woman will marry early because she prefers a settled life with children. Being loyal and devoted, she makes a wonderful wife. In marriage, her love is not so sentimental, but tenaciously sincere. As a mother, Cancer woman is amazing because children, for her, means everything in the world and more. She is very careful and will look after her children every step of the way. She can be a disciplinarian while still showing her children that she loves them. She will sacrifice her own needs for them to provide them education and all the comforts. No sacrifice is too large to ensure her home is secure and her loved ones are happy. Cancer woman feels responsible for protecting her family. She can become quite ruthless when she senses danger to home and family.


 In love, Cancer woman is a mixture of toughness and tenderness. She is a romantic, who is difficult to handle initially, but when she is in love, she is tender and easy to deal with. She tends to lose herself in the idea of being in love. Emotions form an important part of a romantic relationship for Cancer woman. She is very sensual with deep emotions and passion brewing underneath her hard exterior. When she loves-and she loves devotedly-she will show the warmth of her vulnerable emotions. She will go to any extent to make her partner happy. For Cancer woman, romance is part and parcel of love-the gifts, flowers and love notes that form the traditional woo-and-win process are essential to her. She loves to be praised, hugged and cuddled all the time and she would not be happy with someone who is cold or detached. Cancer woman is slow to fall in love and refuses to be rushed. However, once there is a solid and secure foundation, the richness of the relationship will emerge.    

 It is uncommon for Cancer woman to seek out a lover. She is very eager to have a man come running after her. Cancer woman has a very traditional approach to love and wants a man who will sweep her off her feet, provide for her and reassure her when she gets bouts of uncertainty, and above all, is as committed to building a loving family as she is. She is looking for a confident man. She likes direct, if he can communicate in an open manner, she will react to him in positive ways. Her man has to be a funny guy, but not funny at the expense of losing his confidence. Her man needs to maker her feel like she can trust him and he should always be honest with her. She wants to be with someone she can let her guard down to. He should be caring and loving, and always kind and generous. Cancer woman wants to know that the man she is with shares her goals in life.


 Sex is a slow, sensual dance for Cancer woman. She is very physical and sex is a fully encompassing experience. She loves seduction and sensual fantasies. Her mind, imagination and the intense emotions of sex is what stimulates her. Cancer woman needs to have an emotional connection with her lover. As long as she understands her lover, her inner sensual side will be open to endless sexual exploration. Foreplay is dangerously good, with passionate kisses, gentle playful biting and long, slow caresses. She likes to take her time and explore every inch of her lover’s body, and learn his every pleasure point. When she kisses, she throws her heart and soul into it. Her lips aside, it is her body that oozes sexuality. She is not shy to tell all her fantasies and will fulfill her lover’s sexual dreams in turn. Her intuition enables her to sense what her lover wants, which makes for a finely tuned union. Cancer woman is wonderfully adventurous in the bedroom, trying out handcuffs and anything kinky. She enjoys making love, a feminine characteristic which is often on display by her in the bedroom. Her favorite position is when she is comfortable and laying flat on her back with all of her sensitive areas exposed. Deep emotions and profound sensitivity remain as a shell for Cancer woman’s strong sexuality. 


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