Esoteric Meaning of Cancer

  cancer esoteric  Cancer represents the foundation of creation. It is the diffused light of substance itself, the “dark light of matter.” Cancer is the light awaiting the stimulation coming from the soul. This sign is the gateway into incarnation for the soul to gain the experience needed for evolution-all human lives begin here. Through the gate of Cancer streams the magnetic magical light which guides the soul into the dark place of experience. The first whispers of intuition in the soul’s journey are heard through Cancer. Cancer represents the spark of consciousness that is brought forth as the spirit. In Cancer, the influence of spirit begins to make its presence felt and man becomes a conscious personality. Cancer is the fusion of the physical body and the soul.

    Cancer rules the mass consciousness, and as such, this is ruled by feeling rather than reason. Symbolizing the will of the masses, Cancer provides the experience necessary to awaken compassion and a deeper sense-perception. It is in Cancer that sense-perception is cultivated and fine-tuned. Cancer is concerned primarily with the world of causes where we discover an urge to wake up from the illusion of the outer world. The Moon in Cancer rules our past and past conditioning which represents major negative emotional response patterns inherited from the past. It represents the Prison of the Soul which has us cling to our past. Cancer is a sign of maternal instincts and feelings, and partakes in a nurturing nature. It is the sign of the Universal Mother and fertility, symbolizing nurturing and tenacity. Cancer indicates the drive of self-preservation, representing the ability to connect to surrounding support systems that are needed to support and nurture human survival. It symbolizes immortality which is the divine aspect of self-preservation. In the words given for this sign, the word of the soul, indicates the objective of the Cancer experience: “I build a lighted house and therein I dwell.”

    Cancer represents the soul of the world, the essential divine consciousness of all manifested things: human, animal, vegetable and mineral. It symbolizes the ultimate choice for humanity. Self-preservation is a major factor in the process leading to evolution and the recurrent appearance of life. Cancer is endowed with the ability to nurture and protect all of life’s forms. The truth of humanity’s interconnectedness is revealed through Cancer. The Moon in Cancer is the form of nature which is dominant in the longest stage of human unfolding, the nature which dominates man. Humanity in Cancer is preparing for unity, freedom and release.

    Cancer is a maligned sign that does not give up its secrets easily. It is the watery conduit of will power: think of expansive and concentrated outpourings of watery lives deluging incarnate existence. It is the empowerment, but not necessarily the control, of the solar plexus center as a complex of watery life. Cancer provides the power to facilitate the process of watery interrelationship upon which the whole incarnation process depends. Think of the matrix of watery love sustained and vivified. Without this astral/watery impulse there would be no physical; and hence our universe is sustained by Cancer. Alas, most human units experience Cancer as mass or instinctual consciousness, but it has much more to offer than that if you can ascend its watery beams to the source of all life itself.


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