Angels of Cancer

cancer angel


   The Angel Muriel and the Archangel Gabriel rule over the sign of Cancer. These angels bring the attributes of love, loyalty, peace, creativity and fertility.

   Angel Muriel, whose name means, “God’s Perfume,” is responsible for tending the plants and animals of Earth. She is often shown with a crown of flowers, which she lovingly places into the river of life. It’s said that when she is around, you may smell the subtle scent of your favorite flower. Muriel’s mission is to bring messages of peace and harmony, encouraging selflessness and compassion for others. Muriel is known as the “Angel of Emotions” and helps man to get in touch with his deepest emotions. She absorbs the release of any painful emotions so that man may heal and see the world more clearly without the bias of any pain he may be carrying from the past or past-lives. Muriel also helps man to merge his emotions, mind and ego with his soul. This allows him to remain centered in his earthly purpose and existence. She teaches man to act with an open heart, without expectation of personal gain, reminding us that every selfless good deed is rewarded exponentially. Then, and only then, will man’s blessings be multiplied. Muriel is said to teach that helping others is the path to true happiness. Her huge heart teaches man how to love unconditionally. Angel Muriel is known to help connect man to his destiny in which she helps him to find his “true self” and become comfortable with who he is in this life.

   Archangel Gabriel is a powerful and loving messenger of divine love, wisdom, and guidance. Her name meaning “Strength of God,” she is the archangel of communication, new beginnings, and strength. Gabriel is known as the messenger of God and the bringer of good news and hope. She brings inspiring messages to assist man in finding his highest calling. Gabriel is the archangel that connects man to his creativity, guiding him to bring his greatest gifts into the light. Gabriel brings news of one’s spiritual destiny, that which the soul has agreed to embark upon in this lifetime. She speaks to many through the heart, not the mind. It is through the voice of emotion, when one thinks of a path and feels the heart and soul soaring, that is Gabriel bringing the message that it is indeed the proper path to pursue. Gabriel is also the bringer of resurrection and the knowledge that nothing ever dies but simply changes to a different form and is born anew in other realms of existence. 



“Angel Muriel,
I call to you. Bring forth the love from within the divine presence.
Assist me in setting the parameters to contain the light of the highest.
Help me channel this energy to perfection. I honor the power of
containment, for I know it assists me in merging with the source. 
Muriel, guide me in the mastery of merging with the source,
that I may reveal the highest light within me. Amen!”



“Archangel Gabriel,
Holy Archangel, you, who are known as the bearer of God’s
secrets meant especially for His chosen ones, I, God’s
child, am constantly keeping watch on God’s message.
Through your powerful intercession, may I receive God’s
words and messages so that together with Mary, the Blessed
Mother, I may give glory and praise to Him. May I also
radiate God’s love to others by my exemplary deeds. O, Archangel
Gabriel, obtain for me the grace and present to God the Father
my requests. Through Jesus Christ my Lord together with the Holy
Spirit forever and ever. Amen!”


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