Angels of Leo

leo angel


   The Angel Verchiel and the Archangel Raziel rule over the sign of Leo. These angels bring the attributes of affection, generosity, insight and understanding.

   Angel Verchiel is the angel of ego and leisure and encourages man to take time for pleasure – to step back and observe what has been achieved – to play and replenish energy through relaxation and recreation. Verchiel is Governor of the Sun and grants man the power of intellect, language, learning and mathematics. Known as the “Angel of Affection,” Verchiel grants man a generous heart, pleasant attitude, special protection and an optimistic outlook on life. He helps in healing the pain of loss and disappointment, helping man to move forward in life without dwelling in the past.

   Archangel Raziel is known as the Angel of Mysteries for he is the possessor of a staggering amount of information on all matters secret, arcane and mysterious. His name means “Secrets of God,” and his knowledge stems from the fact that he stands at the curtain separating God from the rest of creation and hears and notes everything that is said around his throne. He is believed to know all of the secrets of the universe and how it operates. Raziel opens man up to higher levels of psychic abilities and increases his ability to see, hear, know and feel divine guidance. Archangel Raziel assists man to cut negative ties to past life experiences by helping him to understand habits, patterns, and unrealistic expectations that are holding him in a level of disappointment and stagnation in the present. He enables man to understand and release the fear aspect of these experiences, while enabling him to maintain the wealth of knowledge he has obtained over his lifetime.



“Angel Verchiel,
Angel of Affection, help me to use my generous spirit to
lead me to do the right things and to influence others to
do the same as well. Guide me in my desire to be more
pleasant and kind in my daily life. Through Jesus Christ’s
Precious, Pure and Holy name, I pray. Amen!”


“Archangel Raziel,
I thank God for making you a powerful channel through which
He reveals holy secrets at the right times and in the right
ways. Please show me divine wisdom whenever I need it. Help
me to hear God’s guidance more clearly, especially when I’m
facing important decisions. Give me a deeper spiritual insight
and help me to understand esoteric information clearly. Show me
the spiritual secrets of the universe that God wants me to know,
and teach me how to apply what I’ve learned in my life so that I
can live with wisdom. Amen!”


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