Angels of Capricorn

capricorn angel


   The Angel Hanael and the Archangel Azrael rule over the sign of Capricorn. These angels bring the attributes and qualities of responsibility, dignity , intuition and comfort. 

   Angel Hanael is closely linked with the inner world of intuition, spiritual connection, and the emotional self. She is an angel of energy, vitality, and passion for life. The name Hanael means “The Joy of God,” for which she directs man to search for fulfillment through God – the source of all joy. She encourages man to stop looking for joy in his circumstances and to pursue a relationship with God, in which he can truly find lasting joy. Haniel brings harmony and balance wherever she goes. She reminds man that external joy is fleeting, while the happiness that comes from within is never lost. She encourages man to let his light shine and that it is only his fear that holds him back from showing the world who he truly is. Angel Haniel shows man how to achieve a proper perspective by combining personal love with unconditional love, and unconditional love with the appropriate degree of responsibility to self. She teaches us to embrace wisdom, insight, and stability while enjoying the euphoria of being in love. She also assists with new beginnings, aligning with good luck, and positive change. She offers protection and harmony, and will assist man in staying poised and centered. This archangel is a warrior angel, her authority assists man in fulfilling his soul’s mission, which is to praise, honor, love and reunite with God by using and trusting in his own higher abilities.

   The name Azrael means, “He Who Helps God,” and his primary role is to help man cross over to Heaven at the time of physical death. It is believed that Azrael separates the soul from the body at the moment of death. Archangel Azrael has eyes and tongues exactly equal to the number of people inhabiting the world. Each time he blinks one of his eyes, it signifies that another person has died. Azrael keeps track of the dying by recording the names of people in a heavenly book when they’re born and erasing the names when they die. Archangel Azrael is a direct link between here and the afterlife and he ensures that the transition process is painless and effortless as well as offers safe passage to those who are transitioning, lovingly guiding them to their heavenly home. Azrael brings healing energy, love and comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. He holds this space with deep honor and respect. Understanding that grief is a natural and also a very personal process, Archangel Azrael comes with great compassion. He understands that many of us elect to learn important life lessons, such as forgiveness, guilt, anger, and regret in relation to the loss of a loved one. It is another of Azrael’s sacred responsibilities to help release and heal the pain of these important life lessons, so that we may find peace, and grow and ascend through the process. In addition, Archangel Azrael’s angelic duties naturally include assisting grief counselors and those whose life purpose involves providing spiritual guidance. Archangel Azrael, comes with unconditional love, providing guidance and assistance toward man and always honoring our free will.



“Angel Hanael,
Angel of harmonious love, I am ready to have
all of my relationships reflect love and happiness.
I know in order to be in a loving relationship, I must be
loving of myself. Please help me to be kind, gentle and
compassionate in all of my thoughts and affairs. I desire
love right now, today and forever. Through Jesus Christ’s
Precious, Pure and Holy name, I pray. Amen!”



“Archangel Azrael,
Please comfort me now. Please help me to heal. Please lift
my heart above heaviness and help me to realize the blessings
that this situation holds. Please help me to release my tears
and connect to my beloved in Heaven. I ask that you infuse this
connection with energy so that I may clearly communicate with
I know that my loved one is nearby and that you are watching
over both of us. Thank you Archangel Azrael. Amen!”


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