Angels of Sagittarius

sagittarius angel


   The Angel Adnachiel and the Archangel Raguel rule over the sign of Sagittarius. These angels bring the attributes of optimism, adventure, independence, balance, harmony and peace.

   Angel Adnachiel is an angel that helps mankind turn our hopes and dreams into reality. He is known as the “Angel of Independence,” and will guide us in pursuit of his endeavors. This angel brings us optimism and teaches us to expand our horizons and seek personal and spiritual growth. With this angel man will experience independence, individualism, free spirit and honesty. Angel Adnachiel, whose name means “The Shining One,” is the angel of humility, for this shining being opens thee door to the spiritual light of our soul. Adnachiel asks us to appreciate diversity and support others with an open mind and a loving heart. This angel is responsible for faith and inner calm in mankind.

   Archangel Raguel has a very kind and friendly angelic presence and his energy is naturally motivating and empowering. This archangel is known as the angel of Justice and Fairness. Raguel’s name means “Friend of God.” His chief task is assisting all creation to work together in harmony and order according to Divine order and will. Archangel Raguel is also considered the Angelic Ambassador of Harmony, Balance and Orderliness, offering assistance toward discovering balanced, harmonious, peaceful resolutions to disputes and disagreements. He will lovingly guide us toward adopting a more balance perspective, guiding us to reach agreeable solutions for the highest good of all involved. Archangel Raguel specializes in realigning mankind with our empowered self that innately resonates with balanced power, truth and integrity. He will help remind us that harmony, peace and balance is our innate and essential truth and that we are innately in tune with the Divine Order of the Universe. unconditional love, providing guidance and assistance toward our highest good and always honoring our free will.



“Angel Adnachiel,
Angel of Independence, on my
knees I pray for your assistance
to free me from circumstances
that have beenn binding me and
causing me worry and frustration.
Through Jesus Christ’s Precious,
Pure and Holy name, I pray. Amen!”



“Archangel Raguel,
Lend me your energy while I enter
into this journey of understanding
harmony, peace, and balance. Help
me to understand these traits with
your wisdom. Align me with my higher
self so I may bring this understanding
to consciousness so it may become a
regular part of my daily life. Amen!”


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