Esoteric Meaning of Gemini

esoteric gemini  Gemini represents the energy connection within creation. It is described as the “light of inter-play,” meaning that it is Gemini that reveals the basic duality of manifestation, the relationship of spirit and form. All souls, as individual entities come into human incarnation as vital entities through Gemini. It governs the breath of life, the movement of spirit in form. In Gemini, the relation between soul and body emerges in which the body or form serves the soul. Gemini is the custodian of conditioning energy and the intermediary between soul and body. An expanded field of expression for the life and function of the soul is provided through Gemini. It opens the door for the personality to experience itself in all sorts of environments and life situations. Gemini reveals the true intent of the soul: the interplay and interconnectedness of spirit and matter.

    Gemini focuses attention on the many, the multiples and the myriads, the potentials and the possibilities. Gemini broadens the mind and expands our sense of connectedness with life. The purpose of Gemini in terms of ordinary life is to produce an awareness of the relationships that exist between all people, places and things. In Gemini we realize our interconnectedness with one another, Earth and her creatures and all sentient beings. The vast and mighty potency of the mind and its ability to gather information and awareness is symbolized in Gemini. Through Gemini’s ability to search and bend, the necessary adjustment of contrast can be understood. Gemini symbolizes the movement between the different points of an idea; learning of the interplay that enables a fusion of opposites. The idea that “love underlies the entire universe,” is expressed in Gemini. It accesses the intelligence of the heart through higher love. Gemini is here to untie the head and the heart, creating a bridge between lower and higher mind. Mercury in Gemini teaches us to connect and commune with our higher selves and hear our spiritual calling. In the words given for this sign, the word of the self, indicates the objective of the Gemini experience: “I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.”

    Gemini controls the pulsation of life which sustains all that is. This sign has a unique roll to play in the spiritual awakening and evolution of planet Earth. It changes, mutates and adjusts everything that is necessary for the evolution of consciousness, both in ordinary human life and in the collective life of humanity. Gemini awakens in humanity the sense of duality which is the basic factor in the conflict between desire and spiritual will. The apparent superficial quality of Gemini belies its deepest mysteries: the mystery of life and the mysteries of our divine purpose as a spiritually awakened humanity. Gemini leads to the development of skills which enable harmonious links between humans; of seeing the internal order which exists with the chaos of human life and understanding the human drive for connection. It is a deep sign for humanity because its basic impulses are inspired by a pure sense of brotherhood, pure love and the greater family of humanity. It is  through Gemini that humanity fulfills its divine purpose as custodian for the Earth and the elemental kingdoms. Gemini takes the threads of life and the threads of the universe and weaves them all together into one cohesive whole.

    Gemini is a conditioning sign where exceedingly powerful subjective energies are generated. Phenomenal influences are in the form of effects. The air signs are signs of human relationship and Gemini fulfills this requirement admirably. A mutable sign, Gemini produces change in time and space and this affects all existence. Gemini represents the scintillating white energy that permeates all space, known to humans as love. Technically, the energy of Gemini is behind all twelve signs as they are all seeking to establish relationships and Gemini provides the lines of communication that make this possible. This gives Gemini an enduring capacity to love and can give access via this sign to the most sublime energies of interrelationship.


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