Virgo Woman

virgo woman



 Virgo woman tends to have a graceful figure. She is usually somewhat small, almost meek, in stature with a sturdy muscular build that allows for unexpected strength in relation to her frame. Her base is thickly rooted and balanced with a low center of gravity. She often displays her inherent fertility in physical characteristics with wide set hips, a small torso and a moderately sized chest. Virgo woman has a pale complexion with a face in repose, a high forehead,  pointed chin and a straight nose.  Her eyes are usually dark in color, sometimes blue and beautiful and sparkle with intelligence. Her mouth is delicately shaped and sensual. Usually, her hair is dark in color, long, full of body and impeccably groomed.  Virgo woman has a desire to take care of her physical appearance . She has her own brand of “sexy.”   She ages slowly and usually appears youthful. Virgo woman takes a great deal of pride in her appearance.


 The qualities that people first notice about Virgo woman are her alertness and unmistakable intelligence. Virgo woman is highly intelligent, interested in everything and everyone. Strength is one word that can always be associated with Virgo woman. She is super strong and is fully aware of how independent she is . She is self-sufficient and can take care and fend for herself. Virgo woman is very imaginative, spending long hours thinking and being philosophical. Critical and logical thinking is something that comes naturally to her. She has a strong need and desire for perfection. She is conventional with a rather reserved manner. Virgo woman is highly intuitive, she has the ability to sense what is off-key about a person. She has a very kind and sympathetic heart, she looks closely at people, deep inside to see their essence. Virgo woman’s gift is making order out of chaos. She is liable to wave a magical hand over chaos and impose a gentle and perfect order in the universe. She has an incredible strength of purpose. The real stand out feature of Virgo woman is her commitment to excellence in everything she does.


 Virgo woman is known for her fussy, hypercritical, unsympathetic and conservative individuality which can irritate people. At her worse, she is argumentative, highly indulgent and insultingly sarcastic. Virgo woman distrusts and is a little afraid of emotion. She is very discerning, a natural critic and a sharp analyzer of everything and everyone. She has an unusual preoccupation of being extremely fastidious and critical of the world. She is a perfectionist and expects perfection from everyone. She can never take criticism, it will take a lot to prove to her that she is wrong-she does not accept her mistakes easily. Virgo woman will reason and rationalize everything. She lacks sensitivity and may find it hard to step into someone else’s shoes. She tends to worry way too much about what’s going on and whether everything is as it should be. She is incredibly anxiety prone and tends to worry over petty things. She often complicates things and confuses herself in the process. Virgo woman can be short on forgiveness and slow to get over the slightest disappointment.


 Virgo woman loves to be on the move and needs to be useful both mentally and physically. She likes to keep her brain active and her body in leisure time. She likes to sit and do activities like crosswords, puzzles and board games. She likes games like chess which keeps her mentally alert. She likes to get into earthy games more than physically demanding ones where she has to apply her logical mind and come out successful. Virgo woman is also fascinated by activities involving mathematical skills which she takes up in leisure time. She likes to participate in nature activities like rock climbing and hiking. Reading is another leisure activity, she likes books, magazines, dictionaries and encyclopedias. Virgo woman loves anything artsy such as theatres, concerts, plays and pageants. She will spend hours on the net with her computer and all its paraphernalia.


 Methodical and hard-working, Virgo woman can achieve success on the career front quite easily, because work is not something that she just does for fun. For her, work is an extension of her personality. Virgo woman can tackle jobs that overwhelm others and be successful at it. She is a slave to work, a hard task master and likes to be left alone in a quiet place to carry on the task. Known for her analytical mind, she has the potential to reach great heights in professions that call for precision. Her problem solving abilities are amazing and it indeed, stimulates her intellectual needs. While Virgo woman’s dedication to perfection can lead her to any career path, she is well suited to tasks that involve analysis, details and deep thought. She will excel in research heavy careers like law, doctor or scientist. In general, she is detail oriented, doing her job in the same way and in the same order, day after day.


 In friendship, Virgo woman is capable of achieving extraordinary things. It is not difficult for her to get along with almost anyone. She is perpetually cheerful and it’s this quality that makes people love to be around her. Observant of people’s nuances-their likes and dislikes-makes her able to offer helpful insights. Virgo woman is reliable and will be on call for her friends at every important event in their life. She looks for people who have the same interests. She thrives with friends that appreciate her thoughtful care and who won’t load her down with drama. She values friendship greatly and is ready to put great amounts of effort-not just to keep her friends happy, but also to be of use to them in every possible way. She can be cautious at first, but once a friendship is established, she lets her true self be seen. Virgo woman believes that time is the test of friendship and once convinced, she will nurture the friendship for life.


 Virgo woman takes special interest in her family. She has great possessiveness over her home and family, and will do anything to maintain it. Because her standards are so high, Virgo woman often tends to marry late in life.  In married life, she is apt to be very practical. She is interested in preserving the happiness she has found. As a wife, she is very loyal and devoted to her spouse. Virgo woman enjoys being the head of the household, she runs a tight ship. As a mother, she is very loving and caring at the core, but is quite hard at times as she demands a lot from her children. A firm disciplinarian, she will never neglect her children’s physical, moral or educational needs. Mostly, she is over protective, but will not keep them confined. She will have to avoid dominating their lives too much. Virgo woman will offer her children plenty of warm affection and she will expect the same from them. Loving and  strongly dedicated to her family, Virgo woman is first on the scene when care is needed.


 In love, Virgo woman is the most difficult to understand. Love is not dramatic, emotional or sentimental to her, it’s about the devotion. Love is a mystery to which she is happy and content to surrender. She may not be the most romantic, but she offers her whole heart. She believes in real love, practical love-not just the stuff of fairy tales and happily ever after. When it comes to matters of the heart, she has inner strength and determination. Virgo woman demands perfection from her relationship. When she feels secure and settled, she is devout without fantasy. She has a passionate side, she is proud and invincible-she refuses to give in. Virgo woman looks for uncompromising, impossible love which she needs to fight for and sacrifice for, a love she doesn’t often find.    

 Virgo woman wants a man who can love her without selfishness and who shows much love and care to her. She prefers a natural, simple and intelligent man who has a practical outlook on life. The ideal soul mate for Virgo woman should be well-dressed and dying to show her a good time. She like a gentleman who opens doors for her. Virgo woman wants to feel protected and when a man takes care of her, she feels like a complete woman. She always expects her man to notice her, all the time and give her attention. A man who is secure, can take the initiative and can easily communicate his romantic and sexual feelings, will win her heart.  She needs a strong and free lover who will draw her out and acquaint her with sexual pleasure. Virgo woman does not want a part-time lover or temporary mate. If she finds her dream man, she will never go away.


 Virgo woman is very sensual and sexual. She is usually shy to express her sexual interests-she is endearingly modest. She is responsive to touch and over time she will reveal more layers of her sensual self. So often, the sizzle of sex is in the details and Virgo woman is a master of the minute. She needs to feel some sort of sweetness and purity in order to make love. She is playful and intensely curious when it comes to sex. Virgo woman loves the dance of seduction and anticipating a love affair is almost as good as the real encounter. She generally has a cool exterior, but will show her wild side which is strongly passionate. Sensation and experience are more important than emotion to her. Virgo woman finishes what she starts in the bedroom and this cozy chamber is likely to be a dreamy den done up with discriminating taste.

    Virgo loves to be on the move and needs to be useful both mentally and physically.

    Virgo loves to be on the move and needs to be useful both mentally and physically.


8 thoughts on “Virgo Woman

  1. This was dead on from appearance with me being 4”11 with a small muscular frame thanx to #cheerlife…but,anyhow this article was great i felt like it was personalize just for me as if u had been watching me.When i began to read the negative qualities i laughed because everything was TRUE. Right underneath is Lifestyle and like before you hit the nail right on the head with the very last sentence,being that ive been online for about 3hours. Furthermore Love and Sex made me feel ummm lol…anywho u did a great job Erin Lange and im sure my fellow Virgoans like Myself will appreciate and love it.

  2. Well. You got the perfect words im a virgorian and exactly this was me. That cold demeanor but a huge panic inside.

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