Angels of Aries

aries angel 3


   The Angel Malahidael and the Archangel Ariel rule over the sign of Aries. These angels bring the attributes of courage, assertiveness, confidence, bravery and determination.

   The name Malahidael means “Angel of Courage.” This angel summons the energy of the sun by imparting a ray of sunlight inside each person giving that person courage, stamina and hope during difficult personal times. Malahidael is one of the angels of the Tree of Life and he is frequently invoked in matters of love. His main task is to help people who lack the necessary courage to express their love to others. He brings confidence and the courage to move forward. Governing over the spring, he will help you start new projects that will grow and become successful.

   Archangel Ariel is experienced as a feminine angelic presence and her name means “Lioness of God.” Ariel is aligned with the natural world and is known as the Angel of Nature. She oversees the protection and healing of animals and plants, as well as the care of the Earth’s elements, such as water, wind, and fire. Ariel invites us to go outside and encourages us to spend time within the natural world. She reminds us that there is a magical healing energy found in nature that is restorative and rejuvenating to our body, mind and spirit. Soothing, refreshing and inspiring, simply spending time in nature has the ability to clear our perspective, providing a new and positive outlook on life. As an Angelic Ambassador of Divine Magic and Miraculous Manifestation, the Angel Ariel is devoted to helping us transcend the illusions of separateness and limitation. Ariel reminds man that we each wield the creative power of miraculous manifestation, through the power we project through our thoughts, through our words, through our beliefs and emotions and through our intentions. The power of miraculous manifestation is wielded through what we visualize and through the power of our imagination. Archangel Ariel assists man in releasing, healing and transcending fear based beliefs and fear related thought patterns and cycles. She helps us to consciously focus and direct the creative power of our thoughts, words, emotions, beliefs and intentions. with that which we actually desire to create and experience.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


“Angel Malahidael,
“You come from the heavenly father. May
your love protect my mortal shell. Oh Host
of Light, shelter me under thy wings. Lighten
my path, direct my steps. Do not leave me, stay
near and defend me against the spirit of evil.
Guide my spirit during the last struggle of my
life. Deliver my soul so that with thee it may
praise, love and contemplate the fullness and
vastness of the universe, forever and for all
eternity. Amen!”

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


“Archangel Ariel,
Angel of Nature, I desire to feel
a deep and intimate connection with
every good thing that God creates.
Help me to connect with and appreciate
the divine nature of God. Through Jesus
Christ’s Precious, Pure and Holy name I
pray. Amen!”


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