Cancer Man

cancer man



 Cancer man is usually of average to medium height with a sturdy build and broad shoulders. He usually has some good muscular mass with a full and wide chest build. His body structure is generally his most striking aspect, with his limbs-especially his arms-long in proportion to his body, with large hands and feet. He has a pale complexion and a round face with full cheeks and strong and distinctive cheekbones. A prominent forehead and brow gives him a very profound and penetrative look. His nose is short and perhaps upturned and he has a full, wide mouth with a charming grin. Cancer man’s eyes are usually small and round with an attractive blue or grey color. His hair is flowing, medium to dark in color. Every mood, emotion and fleeting response shows in his changing features.


 Ruled by emotions and matters of the heart, Cancer man is very affectionate, thoughtful and considerate of other’s feelings. He is passionate, volatile and exciting, and has an emotional strength which many find to be very attractive. Cancer man is a highly evolved individual who isn’t sensitive to his own emotions. He is intelligent, and can think outside-the-box and put his imagination to best use. He tends to have a strong creative force and takes great pleasure in expressing himself creatively. A born entertainer, he is fun and exciting to be around. He has a keen sense of humor and can send people rolling in laughter with the things he says. Cancer man is so kind-hearted that he would never hurt a soul. Caring and gentle, he takes great pride in helping others. His intuitive powers work as a great guiding force for him, more that logic, he relies on his gut feeling while making decisions. Cancer man has a natural tendency to look for the beauty and magnificence in everything he comes across.


 Cancer man remains in his “shell” most of the time and will only come out when he feels ready to face the world. This means that if he isn’t in the mood to handle a situation or take up a challenge, he simply won’t. Frequent bouts of mood swings is quite common for him. His energy level is easily affected by setbacks and failures. It is observed that he is prone to pessimism. Cancer man is a natural worrier and will often feel very concerned about uncertain circumstances. It is important that he gains the right balance in life so that he does not become consumed by worry. He tends to keep his emotions and thoughts closely guarded, so it is only natural that others think he is cold and inexpressive. Cancer man cannot stand rejection; he cares about how others perceive him and what they think of him. He is very suspicious and often doubts people’s intentions, as he has an imaginary fear that people are waiting to see him fumble. Because he is so sensitive, harsh words from others can hurt him deeply. Once he is hurt, he can hold a grudge forever. 


 Cancer man prefers a familiar lifestyle and surroundings over adventures and the thrill of change. Whatever his activities in leisure might be, he will enjoy them to the maximum. He enjoys spending time near the water and takes part in water sports like rowing, boating, swimming or fishing. He likes to collect things which talk about history, like photography, stamps, coins, books and even antique furniture. His interests consist of enhancing his life setting with curios, furniture for the house and garden, and interior decorating. Cancer man enjoys do-it-yourself crafts like gardening, and restoring old furniture. He likes to cook, especially his favorite dessert. To calm his mind and relax, he likes to play Sudoku and video games. Dishes, dusting, sweeping, hedge trimming and lawn mowing are also on his leisure activity list.


 When it comes to career, Cancer man likes structure and knowing where he is headed in life. He is dedicated and faithful in the job he is involved in. He is highly potential and very systematic in his work which keeps him in a high designation. He likes to feel valued and often has a career where he is giving something worth while. Cancer man is shrewd and cautious, he advances towards his goals step-by-step and on nearing it, he speeds up and reaches his destination. This makes him cut out for entrepreneurship and top-level management jobs, as he makes it a point to stay focused in order to accomplish the targets he has set. Whatever field he chooses to be in, one thing is for sure, he will not be there to feed his ego. Cancer man works because he likes to be financially secure and make his life as comfortable as possible.


 In friendship, Cancer man is a completely devoted friend who is very attached to his friends. However, he does not have a lot of friends, just a few that he knows can be fully trusted. He does not feel that he requires more friends than this, and does not look to make the numbers up just for the sake of it. Cancer man is regarded very highly by his friends as he is dependable, trustworthy and supportive. These are qualities which make him an excellent companion. His friends admire and love him for his decent mannerisms and ability to provide some comfort in moments of crisis. He is always at hand to help his friends whenever they are in need. He has a unique ability to sense the mental state of his friends and he behaves understandably. One of the greatest things about having Cancer man as a friend is his ability to make his friends feel good about themselves. This is a positive cycle because in making his friends feel good, he in return feels good about himself. Friendship with Cancer man can truly have a therapeutic effect.


 Cancer man is completely family oriented. He needs a harmonious and peaceful domestic domain as a source of energy in order to exploit his potential completely. He gives his family members first priority in his life. As a husband, Cancer man is sympathetic, selfless and generous with his love. He makes a faithful and supportive husband. He is the kind of husband who will tidy up the house, just so he can spend time with his family. As a father, Cancer man is very loving and caring. He makes for a gentle, sympathetic and understanding father, projecting exceptional patience, pride and protection toward his children. Fatherhood gives him a sense of duty and purpose. He is very attached to his children and will never vent his anger on them or even be harsh, as he cannot bare to see even a trace of pain on their faces. He is always at the beck and call of his children, however, he needs to be a shade more firm with them. He shines as a father, showering all his love and affection over his children.  Home and family are of the utmost importance to Cancer man and he can be fiercely protective of them. He regards his loved ones highly and likes to make sure that they are happy.


 Cancer man takes relationships very seriously, he is extremely loyal and provides his partner with security. When he falls in love, there are no games about it. Love for him is the emotional security net, a need that is above all. However, Cancer man does not fall in love easily. Once he decides to love, he will be extremely loyal and devoted, and will show his partner the utmost love and compassion. Cancer man makes for a gentle, sensitive, caring and loving mate, who is sensible and cautious, and loves to create a secure home and hearth. Love is “home” for him. In a relationship, he is very private, personal and exceedingly intimate. He craves a deep and meaningful relationship, being able to connect with someone on various levels is imperative. He wants a full union, needing lots of physical contact, emotional displays and reassurance. Cancer man is a very humble man with a warm heart-when he loves, he does it with everything he has. He will love his partner with his heart, mind, body and soul. When he loves someone, he will love and care for them without thinking twice. Once Cancer man feels secure and comfortable in the relationship, he will open up and expose his vulnerable interior that he tries so hard to hide from the world.   

 Cancer man is attracted to an intelligent, independent woman who already has her own life together. He likes a secure, cheerful and lively woman, who is confident but at the same time, always acts proper and appropriate. He is looking for a woman with a wide range of interests. His ideal woman is a woman who can make him laugh and think, who’s outwardly simple with layers of depth, and – most important – who’s always by his side when he needs her. He needs a woman who will understand his constant change in mood and his quirky ways. Cancer man wants to be with a woman who recognizes how deeply he feels, someone who is in tune with him-treats his feelings with care. Honesty is what he wants from his woman,  she should always be direct and genuine with him. Most importantly, Cancer man wants his woman to love the safety of a home and family.


 To Cancer man, sex is an expression of love and not simply a carnal act of pleasure. Sex to him, is only to be shared with someone who is close to his heart-he does not gain any true pleasure from one night stands. Love and sex are synonymous to Cancer man. When he makes love, he has to openly feel comfortable-emotionally and physically. The emotional fire power that can be aroused within him usually manifests itself as a series of wonderful fantasies and less as sexual acrobatics. He has many erotic fantasies where all his senses are stimulated. Foreplay is slow and meticulous, he will draw sex out for hours. Kisses, erotic confessions and caressing excites him. He is willing to experiment, not too keen on it and does not like extreme sexual situations, he prefers sex to be simple and wholesome. Cancer man will have sex anywhere, but is usually more inclined to stay at home. Having sex on the beach, in a pool or even overlooking the ocean will ignite passion for Cancer man. His favorite position is the 69, which affects his equilibrium, pleasing both parties simultaneously. He is a sensitive lover and will put his lover’s needs before his own. He will do anything it takes to keep his lover happy.  He is certainly the preliminary teacher and he knows everything about female anatomy. He is quite intuitive and can sense what his lover wants, resulting in a hot and spicy bedroom scene. In line with his shifting moods, sex with Cancer man is sure to be highly variable and dynamic.




9 thoughts on “Cancer Man

  1. This is complete bull fucking shit, the idiot who wrote this is going to base how a person with a particular star sign is going to look? Really…so I know a “cancer dude” that black with a huge nose, a small mouth, really dark, big BROWN eyes, and light RED hair and it s natural. The fuck now? Pale skin, blue or grey eyes, big hands and feet, medium height, big mouth, small nose, the fuck? So everybody that’s born under this sign has to look like this? This shit even says what job they all have? Once again THE FUCK? i’m not even a cancer, I’m a pisces, and it seems like I’m the only one regulating…*attempts to set computer on fire after reading such bulkhead*

    • Hmmm. The idiot who wrote that is me!

      Like I tell everyone, it’s not always 100% accurate. If you even read the post, or know ANYTHING about astrology and the zodiac, then you would know that these characteristics are usually typical of a certain sign.

      And it doesn’t say what job the sign HAS, but what they would EXCEL or be good at.

      Don’t write me pissy comments because you don’t like what you read or disagree.

      Obviously you must be interested in astrology if you’re looking at my blog.

      You say that you’re a Pisces? Read about your sign on my blog or any other website, hell, you might learn something about yourself.

      Seriously, don’t be a bitch because you didn’t like what you read or disagreed with it.

      Astrology is my passion and I know a hell of a lot about it. And for the record, I have tons, yeah, tons of followers. I get thousands of views everyday. MY STATS ARE BOOMING HUNNY!

      A piece of advice hun ~ how about just not reading my blog at all. OMFG, that’s a brilliant idea, huh?

      Sorry! Didn’t mean to make you cry. 😥

      • It’s not like what is said about the cancer man is the end all be all. There of course is variation/abd the unknown and we are all aware of that. Like this pisces for example… supposedly compassionate and kind, but apparently this one is incredibly rude and crude, closed-minded and is a tad bit too arrogant for the average fish. There you go. Accurate astrology for ya lol. Humility is a usually a great characteristic to possess. Especially for the fish.

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