Aries~ Colors of Power

aries colors

   Red is the main color for Aries. Red is a color that is vibrant and demands action, it is certainly challenging to try to sleep in a room that is painted bright red.

   The color red is mostly associated with aggression, but it also reflects the energy and optimism in Aries. Due to the fact that red is a dominate color for them; they prefer to initiate and to be in the lead. Much like their personality, the color red represents strength and boldness. The color red, when associated with attitude, is considered daring, courageous, aggressive, passionate, impulsive, active, energetic, and optimistic.

   Aries will find that all shades of red bring peace and harmony. However, not in the case when they are feeling poorly, both mentally and physically ill. They will find that shades of violet and blue are much more relaxing and soothing when they feel ill.

   When the color red is worn by Aries, it will bring their ability to be alert to new heights and increase their energy. They will feel a need to do something active and physical.

   Blues, violet and other color shades like black and white are also considered to be lucky colors for Aries.


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