Gemini~ Colors of Power

gemini colors

   Yellow is the main color for Gemini, as it is the color of Mercury, which is Gemini’s ruling planet. Each planet is associated with specific body functions and Mercury is directly associated with the nervous system, the mind and brain functions, and also the hands. It is no surprise that Gemini’s love to hold hands, and when their hands are massaged or lightly touched, it is very relaxing and quiets their active minds and bodies.

   Yellow is a symbol of endless energy and since Gemini’s are constantly on the go, they require more sleep than the other zodiac signs.

   As you may have noticed, Gemini’s, have very active minds and a natural talent for talking. Yellow is also the color that encourages great communication, creativity and spontaneity. Gemini’s have a particular fondness for geometric patterns.

   Like the Sun, a Gemini’s disposition is usually warm, bright, energetic and optimistic. The color yellow has long been associated with intelligence, and it has been documented that when dealing with new and/or intellectual matters, it is helpful to wear the color yellow.

   Yellow is a cheerful and happy color, and when used to accent the home décor of a Gemini, the color yellow emanates powerful positive energy and will reduce any feelings of depression. The color yellow is considered to be the most uplifting color on the “color wheel,” as it is the closest to pure light.

   Another favored color for Gemini is bright green, as it supports self-esteem and persistence. Green is a color that represents good health, stimulated growth and healing, such as healing a broken bone completely and quickly. Female Gemini’s, who are pregnant, may find that the color green, as well as the color peach, offers a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

   Positive colors for Gemini will not include any dull shades, such as brown or grey, as they are considered to be unlucky for this horoscope sign.


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