Capricorn Superpowers

tmp_zodiac-superpower-e1380667499826-200111032CAPRICORN SUPERPOWERS

   Capricorn is the most intelligent, resourceful and patient superhero of the Zodiac, going against the traditional mold of the passionate, emotionally explosive hero. He is the quietly determined hero, unre- markable in size or stature, but virtually unaffected by any physical force or impact. Whether you drop a two-ton beam on him, or run him over with a truck, the Capricorn will be unaffected. No amount of physical adversity can affect him, and he can walk away from a plane crash, with hardly a scratch. He is a product of the very Earth that is reflected in his soul, he derives his strength from the weight of the ground, which resonates with in his bones. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to pair him off with the Taurus Superhero, and put them both at the front of your defenses. No matter how heavy and forceful an attack is launched, neither of these two powerful heroes will budge. But while he may be physically indestructible, he has more powers at his disposable. By the same token, he is also capable of bending and altering physical matter according to his will. Whether that means crushing a car with his thoughts alone, or else bending a suspension bridge like a paperclip, the possibilities are endless.

    Intelligent, knowledgeable and capable of completing any task you set him to, no matter how difficult or elaborate, the Capricorn superhero is not short of natural ability. His list of superpowers is remarkable, but his incredible depth of patience and resilience is perhaps even more extraordinary. He might be physically unim- pressive as a hero, and be built more in the mold of a scientist or theorist, but there is a sense of strength to this man that goes deeper than mere bones and muscles, and he has enough power to shatter even the largest forces in existence.

   So keep him on your good side, and no matter what you do, don’t shake his hand…


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