Scorpio Beauty and Fashion Scope

scorpio beauty   Scorpio woman is known for her powers of seduction and sultry looks. Hypnotic eyes and full eyebrows are usually the most prominent features on her face, so playing them up with makeup is a definite must. Scorpio woman looks fantastic in metallic shades, and can pull off some seriously crazy looks. However, on a day to day basis, she is happy to let her natural magnetism shine through and keeps the makeup minimal.

   Eye shadow, mascara and false eye lashes enhances the beauty of Scorpio woman’s eyes. She looks great in cool, sexy metallic shades that compliment her seductive personality. She can wear cool metallic silver and charcoal eye shadow for a sexy evening look. To keep her look natural, she can always do just a bit of brown eyeliner and mascara with a hint of bronzer to give her complexion a warm glow.

   True to the deep and secretive Scorpio nature, she will not be what others expect. Most of her character lies beneath the surface, and what she chooses to put on display may even be deceptive. This seductress may dress like a corporate nun in gray suits, or a sweet little airhead without an agenda to her name. Don’t be fooled. Scorpio woman knows her own mind and heart better than  anyone else.

    The emotions of Scorpio woman run very deep, and so do her secrets. She will settle on a look that suits her and exploit it. Like all water signs, her instincts are unerring. If the gray suit is the path to power, she will take it. If the sweetness works better, she will switch lanes. Because, at the end of the day, Scorpio woman is all about power.

   When it comes to shopping, Scorpio woman is even more of a mystery. She might spend big on a leather jacket, and then buy a cheap t-shirt to wear under it. She’ll wear any old sweats to work out, then turn up at a party looking like Helen of Troy. Or not. She shops with deadly intent, finding just the right clothes to make just the right impression. Fashion trends mean nothing to her. If she follows fashion at all, it is because it suits her purpose. If she wears pink, everyone is going to  wear pink.

   What Scorpio woman really likes is secrets~ fashions that look expensive but hide a cheap label, bags with hidden pockets, lockets with concealed and never revealed photos, a hairstyle that looks like it cost a fortune but was actually expertly cut by a little hairdresser in some small town. Scorpio woman will reveal little, and this is what makes her so fascinating.

   It’s hard to pin Scorpio woman down when it comes to fashion. She can do sleek and sexy boardroom one minute, then romantic and flowy bohemian the next. Classy and seductive, she isn’t afraid to flaunt what she’s got. She is the mistress of disguise, wearing a mask of makeup one day, then completely bare skin the next. Her hidden nature  translates into a love of silky, sensual lingerie in bold blacks and radiant  reds.

   When she decides to dress up, the effect is never less than amazing. Scorpio woman knows a lot about looking good, and she knows that looking good starts from the inside. She knows that real beauty is about being strong, healthy, and smart. But her beauty didn’t get that way by nature alone. If she can help nature along, she will. She won’t tell anyone, though. Keep ’em  guessing is her motto.


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