Capricorn Woman

capricorn woman 3



    Capricorn woman has a good physique and a good stamina to go with it, her entire look is particularly appealing. She has a petite, well-structured body with a slender neckline. She has very deep and somber eyes, a lengthy nose and noticeable cheekbones. Very well-shaped eyebrows and sensual lips add more charm to her looks. Her hair is usually thin and silky, and most of the time medium to dark in color. She also possesses a very beautiful smile and is often complimented. Capricorn woman has shapely legs, slim ankles and small feet which give her a swift and sure walk. She is very particular about how she looks and takes the utmost care of herself. Her “earthy” beauty is fresh and rejuvenating.


    Capricorn woman is ambitious, patient, strong, logical, calm, composed and independent. She is a very determined individual and is not afraid of hard work. She demonstrates a real ability to overcome any hardships that get in the way of her goals. Capricorn woman is endowed with unshakeable patience, she doesn’t get discouraged, she knows how to wait for something. She has an inner strength that lets her weather any storm, disappointment or tragedy that comes her way. She is practical and doesn’t cling to abstract concepts and lofty ideas in order to justify her existence.  She is a naturally laid back person and does not act on something without at least knowing the whole story. In public, she is always reserved and does not put a toe out of line. She is self-reliable in nature and relies on no one to fulfill her desires and wishes.

    Another one of Capricorn woman’s most positive features is her sense of humor, which can be dry, but has a way of erupting when others least expect it. Her inner drive often leaves everyone else behind in the dust. She exerts self-control, which is just the key for the success she gets in life. Capricorn woman has a very active mind and a strong power of concentration. She is known for her free spirit and strong will power. She loves to take pleasure in material things that are a sort of status symbol, which she feels a sense of security by having nice things to appreciate. Although things may not come easy to her, she never complains. Capricorn woman is an alpha female who is always in charge of her universe.


    Capricorn woman is stubborn, headstrong, selfish, aloof, superior, snobbish, indifferent and apathetic. She has difficulty listening to advice from others, this shows her hard-headed attitude. As long as she has her eyes set on something, she will make sure she gets it. Her unyielding nature can sometimes manifest as bossiness, and if she doesn’t get her own way, she may throw a tantrum. She can be self-centered, choosing  to do something out of the line without a care as to whose toes she might step on-as long as it doesn’t disturb her perfect world. Capricorn woman is self-contained and secluded, she is not easily approachable. She exhibits a high-caliber attitude and can sometimes come across cold. She approaches everything with reserve and this tends to make her look arrogant, she will shun any act of getting friendly with someone who does not meet her standards. Capricorn woman will show a very tough exterior, seemingly detached to any emotional attachment. She is very passive, wanting to be seen as cold and harsh rather than show how she really feels.

    Capricorn woman is an introvert and tends to be somewhat of a loner. She is very wary and suspicious of others. She is cautious around people she doesn’t know very well, preferring not to meddle with others and in turn not allowing interference from them. She is so uptight worrying about what others think of her that she doesn’t enjoy life as much as she should. Capricorn woman can be egotistical, only valuing her own feelings and becoming insensitive when it comes to the needs of others. While patient with herself, she can be domineering and have little tolerance for those perceived to be slackers. Her nit-picking habits can infuriate others. Capricorn woman is easily embarrassed and hates to annoy anyone. She can spread gloom and tension in a heartbeat and is quite capable of depressing everyone else around her. She has terrible mood fluctuations which can lead her into brooding. When Capricorn woman becomes paranoid, fearing she is losing control, she is prone to panic attacks.


    Capricorn woman has a very lively and colorful lifestyle. She has a myriad of interests that keep her leisure time booked solid. Whatever she chooses to do, it must be respectable and increase her chances of being admired or honored. She prefers hobbies that can be carried out in the peace of her home, however, she is not against outdoor activities. Capricorn woman’s innate power of concentration makes her great at building miniatures, completing jigsaw puzzles and making sand art. Known to be an avid reader, she enjoys reading biographies and publications that deal with non-fiction history. Studying history, poetry, gardening and sculpture are other hobbies that interest Capricorn woman. Leisure sports that take her outdoors are a great pastime for her. Walking in the hills, mountain hiking, tennis, badminton and skiing are all on her outdoor activity list. Do-it-yourself projects are her idea of a weekend well spent.  Capricorn woman is a night owl, she is quite happy to watch a good documentary or movie on television, or cuddle up with a good book and listen to quality music. She likes to attend large social functions. A visit to the theatre or a concert is her favorite way to spend an evening. Strolling through the most recent art exhibit at the local museum interests her also. Capricorn woman will work hard at a hobby and want to make a success of it.


    Capricorn woman is hard-working and status conscious, and will work her way steadily toward the top. She is geared toward leadership and achievement-she always wants to climb the corporate ladder and be the best that she can be. Capricorn woman tends to choose conventional fields that can give her authority, status, and above all, security. She enjoys working hard and getting things done, and her patience and smarts help her persevere where others may give up. She will turn out to make a great manager because of her ability to the work done in the proper manner. Capricorn woman has an excellent sense of time management and is an amazing organizer. Because of her organizing ability, she is able to work on several projects simultaneously. She makes good, wise investments because she looks at the long-term and what will be the most beneficial down the road. Capricorn woman plans carefully to fulfill her ambitions, she is economical without meanness, and  is able to achieve great results with minimum effort or expense. She will excel as a bureaucrat, especially where projects demand long-term planning. Capricorn woman is able to explain things easily, as she has a kind of plain speech that is understood by all. Her skills in speech enable her to become a good politician. As ambitious as she is, she doesn’t mind working tirelessly to realize her dreams. Admired for her discipline, dedication and diligence, she displays an amazing amount of commitment and patience, regardless of the type of her career or job profile.


    Capricorn woman has a pragmatic approach to friendship. Socializing is something that comes naturally to her, only after she has become comfortable with the people involved. Reliability, commitment and selflessness are all qualities that Capricorn brings to a friendship. A valuable and loyal friend, she will reveal her true story very easily to friends, as soon as she feels they are close enough. Capricorn woman is the strong friend, she is always there to help. She will always be caring and supportive of her friends. She can help them when they need her or are stuck in a difficult situation. She will get her friends back on their feet again with a steady plan for success, and for all this, she expects nothing in return. Age is not an obstacle for her when it comes to making friends, as she is quite popular with people of all different ages. Capricorn woman will go to great lengths for her friendships. She is very warm, thus making friendships that are long-lasting.


    Capricorn woman can be quite traditional in her attachment to family. She will never shun family responsibilities. Although she is career oriented, she does have love a family life. The deep emotional needs of Capricorn woman along with the need for a stable family life leads to early marriage and she will generally have a very stable married life. She views marriage as a partnership, more than as a loving union. As a wife, she will always honor and respect her husband. As a mother, Capricorn woman will be devoted to her children, they will be well cared for and she will teach them the meaning of thrift and good manners. She is likely to be very strict with her children, but her intention is always noble. She will be a dedicated mother who does not tire of her household duties. Her strong sense of responsibility does not permit her to feel guilty about sacrifices made for her family. Capricorn woman knows how to tie her family together.


    In the art of love, Capricorn woman is enthusiastic and adventurous. Capricorn woman neither falls in love at first sight, nor wastes time on mindless flirtations. Love is very serious stuff to her and it should not be trifled with. Ever confident of her own abilities, she takes matters of the heart into her own hands, though it may take time before she makes her move. Observant and discriminating, she spends some time to get to know her partner, and will only allow herself to fall in love completely when all the outcomes have been considered. Capricorn woman is as romantic and emotional as anyone else, but she can be somewhat inhibited in expressing her emotions. Though she may not show it, this woman cares a great deal about love. Deep underneath that cool veneer is a warm and tender woman-it simmers just beneath her surface. High standards are something she has in spades, so it will take more than cutesy creativity to see beneath her exterior. When in love, Capricorn woman is dependable and caring. She goes to great lengths to express her affections through her actions. Very loyal and dedicated, she is not one to shy away from commitment. Romantically, she is the monogamous type, but she takes it all so seriously that sometimes she can be ill-at-ease. Capricorn woman is the happiest when she is needed and appreciated. She knows her obligations in a relationship and she will make a dutiful  and responsible partner.

    Capricorn woman buries a romantic soul beneath her practical exterior-she yearns for a soul mate to recognize her need for tenderness. She wants to know a man thoroughly, so he should be expressive of his feelings. Her man should be open-minded with a good sense of humor. She needs a man who is traditional, successful and honest. He should be ambitious and socially acceptable. Capricorn woman has a deep respect for a man who has a respect tor family. Basically, Capricorn woman plays for keeps and is only interested in a serious contender in her game of love. Only strong, thoughtful and sexy men need apply, as she will take him through his paces and is likely to outlast him. She does not like a man who dreams but never puts his hands in action to make things happen. Capricorn woman wants a man who will cherish and understand her, who will not rob her of her self-sufficiency or ask her to relinquish control of her life and goals. Her ideal man should have intensity and passion!


    Capricorn woman has a passionate and sensual side that is waiting to come out. Underneath her conservative exterior she is a willing, passionate lover, eager to experiment between the sheets. Her physical desires are strong, though she may be shy at first. It can take her some time to express herself sexually, but once she is determined and certain about her choice, her feelings are very intense and powerful.  She considers sex as a carnal pleasure and she can separate love from body pleasure. She enjoys sex just for her body’s needs. Foreplay is very physical, with touching, grabbing, holding and scratching. Her imagination runs wild and uninhibited, all she needs to hear is the right words at the right time and she is sexually aroused.   Sex with Capricorn woman is invigorating and full of slow-paced passion. She can be very  persistent and tenacious, achieving an ultimate goal in love-making. She is remarkably playful in bed and prefers “fun” sex to the heavy or serious. Capricorn woman often likes to be dominated completely in the bedroom. She is a control freak-her lover should expect random desires and requests. She can have sex for a long time and prolong her lover’s pleasure. She wants to reach a state of total satisfaction, not only for herself but also for her partner-her primary duty is her lover’s satisfaction. Capricorn woman is a calculating lover who goes after physical satisfaction with an unbearable combination of restlessness and raw lust.   



19 thoughts on “Capricorn Woman

  1. Unfortunately I totally disagree with the appearance of Capricorn. U can’t actually dictate what a cap woman looks like. It goes on genetics and DNA. The rest is correct lol

  2. WOW i’m impressed and I dint even believe in signs reading this has DEFINITELY changed my mind everything it said described me LITERALLY EVERYTHING ! (-:

  3. Somewhat right for me but for everyone’s its different just a few things that I don’t agree on in here is that I don’t believe in marriage I’m not hard working at all I’m lazy af and I do have have some hobbies but not the kind of hobbies thats described here I wonder if smoking fucking and masterbating are hobbies lol because thats what I like to do in my free time lmao I act somewhat of a Capricorn I’m a lonely stoner and I’m kinda emotionally detached and I can separate feelings from sex

    • I Agree. 🙂 one other thing about the Capricorn woman,,, they make loyal “friends” ,,, but they are ” formidable enemies” Never mistake “kindness” for weakness. GOOD LUCK

  4. Its cmpletly true … but our emotional needs … almst nvr fulfill 😦 no one can undrstand us 😥 still m happy 🙂

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