Esoteric Meaning of Sagittarius

sagittarius esoteric    Sagittarius is a peculiarly human sign and is connected in a definite manner with the appearance of humanity on planet Earth.  

In ancient times, Sagittarius was represented by the centaur. Over time, the symbol changed to the archer, where horseman and horse are separated and where the horseman is the soul and the horse the personality. The archer begins to feel the call of the soul. The soul allows the man to see that there exists something besides and beyond his animal nature. So personal ambition is transformed into spiritual aspiration; from egoism we pass to a more impersonal form and from an interest centred solely on oneself, we pass to an interest in the outer: an interest in others.

     In our time the symbol used to represent Sagittarius is an arrow with a little section of the bow.  The horse and rider are both gone, because they are no longer necessary; only the arrow remains and the man is now free to follow the arrow that he has fired, and once he reaches it he fires it further ahead. This is the aspirant, this is the Path: abandon that which binds, that which restrains, because it is no longer necessary, thus the personality, materiality, ties, desires, personal ambitions. This misidentification from oneself, from ones own nature, leads the human being to become the arrow, which, every time it is reached is fired towards another goal: the person identifies with the direction that they have taken and becomes the Path itself.

    Three planetary rulers are guardians to Sagittarius. Jupiter is the guardian on the personality level, Earth is the guardian on the soul level and Mars is the guardian on the hierarchical level.

Jupiter’s expansive influence in Sagittarius invites us to expand our experience on all levels, so we can expand our awareness. This planet encourages us to expand our minds. Jupiter’s role is to create the conditions to guide us from small mind to higher mind. Under the guardianship of Jupiter, Sagittarius resonates with the highest truth
of spiritual nature.

Earth in Sagittarius engages us in life as a spiritual path and helps 
us find existential meaning.  She facilitates the expansion of our 
boundaries, our perspective and our knowledge of life.  She helps us find a universal system from which to understand life and live by universal laws and principles.

    Mars in Sagittarius indicates insistent desire, one-pointed focused desire, or one-pointed aspiration. It sharpens and focuses the concrete mind, helping it marshal all available knowledge for the achievement of a desired objective. This combination spurs the “quest for knowledge.” The expression of thought through word will be direct and “to the point”, and the mind will be tenacious in purposeful pursuit. Mars in Sagittarius helps create a personality that “knows where it is going”, and wants to reach the goal in the fast way possible. Under Mars in Sagittarius, the disciple begins the mastery of time, and the initiate makes great strides, for Mars in Sagittarius means speed.

    Sagittarius is a Fire sign, and this fire is related to the fire of the spiritual Soul, the fire of mind, the fire that transforms and purifies. It is the flame of life, the spark of the mind and of the consciousness. The Soul, as fire represents the individual’s potential to synthesize and meld himself into the great Cosmic Fire. The Soul is a spark of the “fire of the mind,” the power of consciousness, the possibility of thinking and creating, of knowing and being known, the guarantee that man as Soul is a thinker, creator and will inevitably fulfill his destiny.

    Sagittarius is regarded as a sign of intuition, where the invocative fires of aspiration evoke the returning “arrow of intuition.” In Sagittarius, the intellect which has been developed, used and finally illuminated, becomes sensitive to a still higher type of mental experience and to this we give the name of intuitive perception.

    In Sagittarius, the disciple has two things to discover within himself; these are the power to make progress upon the path and to walk the Way, and also the ability to create in the higher and spiritual sense. The disciple learns to stop  identifying himself with his personality, and starts identifying himself with  his spiritual soul. In Sagittarius, the disciple enables opportunity for the development of one-pointed focus, which incorporates the knowledge-infused steps that work to support the attainment of greater collective goals.

    The keynote of Sagittarius is, “I see the goal. I reach the goal and then I see another.” Sagittarius is a disciple’s sign. It is the final goal of our work on Earth.


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