Virgo Superpowers

zodiac superpower


   Virgos are calm, reasonable beings that crave order and discipline in the world around them. They can be emotional, passionate beings, but never on the surface. Virgos hate disorder and commotion, and while expressing their feelings might be normal behavior for other signs, the Virgo considers that an imperfect act. The Virgo Superhero is therefore a neat and tidy figure, with a face that shows little or no expression. She will go about her work, whether it be as a fact-checker for a leading newspaper, a custodian at a high school, or as guardian for the entire world, in an unruffled, methodical manner. Since she craves normality and predictability, she has a strong dislike for dishonesty. Lies, falsehoods and fiction, are all among her chief pet peeves, and so her superpower, correspondingly is X-ray vision that can inform her not only the contents of any physical matter, but can also read the thoughts of any living being.

   As you may imagine, it’s a formidable weapon to possess in a world where people are largely inscrutable, wearing masks that hide more than just their expressions and thoughts. Not knowing can infuriate the Virgo more than others, and so she will use her X-ray vision to know with certainty every grain of truth that is embedded within an individual.

  This power enables her to know a person’s intentions and affiliations, and determine accordingly whether they can be trusted or not. She’s not a skilled warrior, a hulking mass of strength and power, or in possession of flamboyant weapons, but she is powerful in a way that even the strongest heroes cannot imagine, for what she has is strength of character.


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