Leo Superpowers

zodiac superpower


   Everything and anything a Leo does is grand, flamboyant and worthy of attention. In part, this is because they crave the limelight and will do anything to earn it. But it is also because once they find themselves under the limelight, they know how to keep it. The Leo Superhero has powers that are flashy and attention-grabbing, true to their nature, and quite literally as well. His primary superpower is Pyrokinesis. He can create, manipulate and control fire, the most dangerous volatile of all elements, which incidentally governs his zodiac sign, with consummate ease. Imagine the superhero in the middle of a dark alley, suddenly approached by a gang of intimidating thugs. Neither defeat nor surrender is in the Leo’s vocabulary, and since neither of those are options, he will choose to ‘intimidate.’ An empty carton on the side of the alley sudden catches fire, spontaneously~ the thugs step on it and put it out, rattled by the event, but not yet intimidated. Two more cartons go up in flames next, casting the dark alley in a warm shower of golden light~ the thugs are now rattled. The Leo will next raise his arms heavenward, in a gesture of both grandeur and theatricality~ two specialties of the Lion~ and the walls on either side of the alley will erupt into two screens of blazing fire. Suffice to say that the gang would have scattered with panic by this stage. Other heroes with lesser powers, or at least less flamboyant powers, would have sought a different strategy. But the Leo aims to do everything in as grand and glorious a manner as possible, and normally succeeds at it.

   Pyrokinesis is a formidable power to possess, for fire is a dangerous weapon, and does not normally obey a person’s whims. The Leo Superhero, therefore controls one of the most volatile and explosive elements in existence, and can also wield it expertly~ what else would you expect from the Lion that lives to show-off and steal attention?


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