Libra Superpowers

zodiac superpower


   When it comes to a Libra, the keyword is ‘control.’ Libras crave it, with a desire that borders on the obscene and the desperate, and they would do anything to ensure they retain it. Whether in a relationship, a partnership, or a friendship, Libras need to hold onto a certain amount of control. They like to hold sway in conversations, have people concede to their whims and decisions, and generally ensure that everything runs the way they want it to. What could be a more appropriate superpower for this air sign, other than Telekinesis? The Libra Superhero is highly intelligent, seductive and sassy. Beauty is synonymous with all Libras, and is a superpower in itself. This stunning gal though doesn’t just fill out her costume perfectly, but she creates that level of perfection in the things around her. Through thought alone, she can manipulate the path and structure of every single inanimate object around her, large or small.

   Imagine the possibilities that such a power can allow, for through her thoughts alone, this superhero can stall the enemy’s vehicle, disarm him as he reaches for his gun, and finally cause a length of rope to bind him into submission. And she can do all this through the power of her mind. The limitations of her powers though are the extent of her visual fields, for she can only manipulate objects that lie in her visual path. And while she can exercise control over any inanimate object, her powers do not extend to living beings. But what does it matter if she can’t force her enemy off the edge of the building? She can have the entire building collapse out from under him. At the end of the day, you gotta admit that it’s a cool power for a cool gal.


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