More Pisces Personality


February 19-March 20

  • Twelfth sign of the Zodiac
  • Symbol is a pair of Fish
  • Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune
  • Element: Water
  • This sing brings together many of the characteristics of the eleven signs before it.
  • Pisces are selfless, spiritual and very focused on their inner journey.
  • They alternate between reality and non-reality in keeping with their introspective nature.
  • Their voyage between the conscious and unconscious dream state says much about their intuitive, almost psychic nature.
  • Pisces are compassionate, charitable and will quickly put the needs of others ahead of their own.
  • The pairing of Jupiter and Neptune results in some unique energies being directed toward Pisces here on Earth.
  • Pisces can have difficulty distinguishing fact from fantasy-they tend to get caught up in their dreams and views of how things should be.
  • Pisces feels a great deal and also feels misunderstood much of the time.
  • They are certainly sensitive but not quite pushovers.
  • They revel in their compassion and imagination and love to cater to others.
  • Pisces can be so emotional, needy and intense that they can be a real drag.
  • They possess a gentle and patient nature, but one that is in want of molding.
  • Generally easy-going, but a little on the shy side.
  • This sign is acknowledged as being the Saint and the Sinner rolled into one.
  • Incredibly adaptable and resilient.
  • Pisces is always receptive to new ideas and circumstances.
  • Negative traits of Pisces are that they are fickle, a gossip, indiscrete and gullible.
  • The most independent sign of the Zodiac.
  • Although they prefer to avoid strife, Pisces will fight fiercely when provoked.
  • Pisces does not like to be confined, especially when feeling vulnerable.
  • In a relationship, Pisces will more often give without expecting anything in return.
  • Pisces would rather have their relationship blossom slowly.
  • A relationship with Pisces will be filled with loving tenderness, passion, adoration, intimacy and fidelity.
  • Pisces needs a partner who shows respect and doesn’t criticize.
  • They need a romantic partner, one who gives them love and attention.
  • Pisces wants a lover who is a best friend and an equal.
  • They are naturally caring and sensitive to their lover’s needs and wishes, whether emotional or physical.
  • Seductive and romantic, Pisces’ fluid nature sees not boundary between themselves and their beloved.
  • Pisces imaginative emotions determines their sexual desires.

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