Pisces~ Colors of Power

pisces colors   The Pisces colors that are considered to be lucky include mauve, shades of purple, sea green and silver

   For Pisces to remain balanced, both mentally and physically, it is advised to keep sea green and aqua colors nearby.

   Pisces should wear green shades when they want to view the world from a new perspective.  It is not advised to wear the color green when they are confused about the next step in their life’s journey. 

   Blue is not a color that should be worn when they are feeling depressed, lonely or sad.  Blue should be worn when they want to feel calm and centered, and have something important to communicate to the world.

   Silver is a color that neutralizes negative feeling and replaces positive energy in the space, it also enhances perseverance and patience. Especially during full and new moons, the color silver has been said to aid the energy in other stones and crystals.

   Similar to when a caterpillar will retreat into their cocoon before the major transformation into a beautiful butterfly, the color purple provides this same concept to Pisces. It is beneficial for them to surround them-selves with these hues when they are ready to experience a major change in their life.

   Violet is not the color shade to wear when they are in mourning and suffering from a great loss. Violet should be worn when they are seeking their life’s dream and purpose or deciding to make a major change that will have a direct impact on their daily routine.


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