Taurus~ Colors of Power

taurus colors

Colors guide this sign’s almost every move. The color that they are most associated with is pink. The other colors which are also associated with Taurus would be blue and green.

   As a reasoning of this, their birthstone is the fiery green gem of emerald, but even with this fiery gem as their birthstone they are blessed with having Venus as their ruling planet, giving them their loving nature. By utilizing these subdued pastel colors, their tempestuous nature is  kept in check.

   Guided by these colors they will have a fine love of music and art. With the aid of yellow, which is also ruled by this sign, the mind becomes inspired, and is a great aid to ensure that the tendency of apathy and the ever angering trait of indolence is subdued.

   With the aggressive red a non-issue, pink has a quality that is quite endearing. When it comes to pink, psychologically, they will normally find a person that is seeking some type of affection and most of all has the ability to provide to their partner, unconditional love. Because of these traits, a peaceful household is something that Taurus will seek. With pink being the color of Taurus, you will see that this is the person that will bring solace to those that in grief. Pink expresses comfort and soothing qualities.

   However, the best color for this sign is blue. The color blue has always been associated with patience, serenity and calmness. The color blue also represents a person that is faithful, and to quote those magical words, “True Blue”. It should also be noted that Taurus is gifted with an extremely calm personality and has a boat-load of patience. However, Taurus can, at times be very strong-willed and stubborn.

   Taurus will always try to work the color blue into their wardrobe and homes to exude this calmness in their everyday life.


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