How To Seduce Pisces Man

pisces man seduction

   Pisces man is a man of compassion in your life. A local musician, his voice and music may have sung to more than your heart. He may be your pet’s veterinarian. You are surprised that he is only person outside of your circle your pet actually likes. He is a man of compassion and creativity always looking for the inspiration and innovations. His big dreams and romantic notions have wrapped you up in a warm cocoon of what could be and what just might really be.

   Pisces man is a born romantic. He needs love and an outlet for his creativity and dreams. His world is of fantasies where he spends his life trying to turn his dreams into reality. An ideal person for him is the one who is spiritual and brave. He wants his partner to be just as compassionate as he is yet stronger. He wants his partner to support him and help him achieve his dreams. A Pisces man yearns for a soul mate he can share it all with. Once he finds that person the Pisces man will give all his love and faithfulness.

   To attract the shy Pisces man, you will need to be outgoing. You will more than likely have to be the one to make the first move. If you’re a romantic at heart you’ll have a lot of fun seducing your Pisces man. Because he is an idealist, romantic and unpredictable, dates with him will be fun and worthwhile. Take note, he is rather sensitive and when it comes to his heart, he is thin skinned therefore he should be pursued with love and attention. Once you can make him feel comfortable with you it will be smooth sailing from then on.

   On your date the more creativity the better it will be. A romantic bistro and art gallery maybe perfect. Whatever his creative outlet is… start there. Where ever you may go, make him laugh. He is often times laid back and passive but will be impressed if someone can make him laugh. Though he can get easily lost in a good conversation, subsequently he is also reading every word your body language is saying. Make sure to say what you mean and mean what you say because he will be able to read you better than your momma.

   Now remember, Pisces man is not aggressive by nature. You may have been the one who began the seduction and you will more than likely be the one who brings it to the next level. Take advantage of his romantic streak. As things progress, suggest dinner and a movie at your place. Your couch is primed for cuddling, isn’t it? Take a good romantic comedy and blanket then cuddle with him on the couch after an intimate dinner. Safe to say, cuddling may not be all you do on that couch once the movie is over.

   Sex with Pisces man is both an emotional and physical exper-ience. He does like to seduce in bed. If you let yourself go and give into it, sex will be a spiritual experience as well. Pisces  man is very good at sex and loves role play. Set up a role play in which you get him to seduce you, and let him fully immerse himself into the game. He loves the games because it allows him to completely lose himself in his character and create a new fantasy world. Pisces man also likes risqué and unusual encounters. He can be a very fun partner for those who like a lot of spice in their lives.

   A Pisces man is the original romantic: the Romeo wanting his Juliet. This is a man who desires to find his a soul-mate, more deeply than most. He is so very gentle and caring all the while being sentimental and romantic. To all, though especially his mate, he is selfless and has a strong tendency to put his loved ones ahead of himself. You would never ever question his loyalty or fidelity. You will keep your Pisces man by helping him keep the romance alive. Leave him notes or cards. Send him a text message or serve a spur-of-the-moment candlelight picnic. A weekend away, some place quaint and lush, to spend quality time together is always a good choice. With him, every little thing counts and is appreciated.

   Pisces man is the most sensitive in the all zodiac. He lives freely in two world~ the real world and the spiritual world. He himself is a bridge in that gap of what he sees and wants within his spiritual world and how he manifests it in his real world. He dreams big and works hard to make that dream a reality. His emotions can get the best of him; his good and bad moods are rather intense. Because of his intuition, Pisces man is very good at reading a person’s body language and immediately sizes them up and assesses motive. He needs a partner who can lead in the relationship and be able to subtly rein him in. His partner will have to be able to help him stay clear and focused so he can make all those dreams a reality.

   In all honesty, Pisces man is relaxed by nature but is not a push-over by any means. When he wants or believes in something, there is no stopping him and no one will be able to tell him differently. He thinks with his heart and is full of passion and vigor. His dreams, his friends, his family and his mate all fall into what your Pisces man will fight for. With all that fervor and emotions, it is easy to manipulate a Pisces man and many have, but you will not need to. Your Pisces man will need a nurturing partner full of compassion, optimism and understanding. Once he sees that, he will give it back tenfold. You will find that with your Pisces man you will have a gratifying relationship full of excitement and whimsical romance.


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