Aries ~ Taurus

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 Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It represents birth and the first realization of self. Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, moves beyond what is represented by Aries. Taurus begins to physically explore the world. Aries tend to display strong leadership, and their extroverted and assertive nature lets them eagerly lead the new cycle of the zodiac.

 Taurus tends to be richly sensual, enjoying the good things in life and the physical pleasures that come with them. Together, these two astrological signs denote an active and dynamic pioneer who responds to the world by examining the worth of each possible response. The ability to follow through and complete projects that others may have abandoned through boredom or because it was too difficult is blended with the sign of new beginnings. This promises a tremendous amount of fulfilling adventure and achievement for those born on the Aries/Taurus cusp.

 The astrological symbol of Aries is the Ram. Like the popular conception of the Ram, Aries people are able to accomplish a lot by sheer energy and force of will, ramming their way to their goals. In this way, Aries exemplifies the cardinal quality assigned to it. The astrological symbol of Taurus is the Bull. The term “bullheaded” applies to Taurus in both its positive and negative connotations, and Taurus exemplifies the fixed quality assigned to it.

 The Aries/Taurus can be blunt, and they are bold and strong. They are among the strongest combination of signs when it comes to meeting goals because of their reliable persistence. Those born under the influence of both astrological signs are able to initiate and successfully complete projects and activities.

 Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. In ancient Roman mythology, Mars (and his Greek equivalent, Aries) was the god of war. He was bold, aggressive, energetic and courageous. On the negative side, he was impulsive, compulsive and quick-tempered, and he could give in to anger and a will for destruction. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. In Roman mythology, Venus (and her Greek equivalent, Aphrodite) was the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. She represented joy, happiness and appreciation of beautiful things.

 On the negative side, Venus’s appreciation for sweets and luxury could result in overindulgence. Mars was active and high-spirited, full of physical energy and vitality; the Aries/Taurus-born reflect his leadership and initiative. They are strongly independent and determined and have the physical stamina to stay their course. They have a great love for culture. It’s important for them to feel good.

They often maintain extensive art collections and tend to be artistic themselves, sometimes through singing. They enjoy partnership and marriage, and use their charm — as well as their focused perseverance — to work toward harmony and personal security. An individual born on the Aries/Taurus cusp has the potential for great satisfaction in life, thanks to the balance of great action and great will.

 The element associated with Aries is Fire, and the element associated with Taurus is Earth. Fire signs are physical beings who tend to respond to the world through action. Earth signs tend to respond to the world by examining the worth of each possible response. The combination of these two elements provides a solid foundation to pioneer uncharted territories.

 The Aries/Taurus tends to want what they want, when they want it. The Aries side of their character needs to accept that this isn’t always possible and stop butting their heads, ram-like, into the nearest wall. Aries/Taurus people can also be extremely patient and dependable. Their ambition ensures that they are hardworking and helpful to others. The blending of their elements, earth and fire, gives them a general focus on building things and seeing their ideas through to completion. However, the fixed opinions of the Aries/Taurus can be surprisingly unchangeable, even when they have discovered a flaw in their logic.

 In their leisure time, Aries/Taurus tend to play as hard as they work at the office. They greatly enjoy athletics, as sports give them a positive and healthy outlet for some of their natural aggression. They appreciate both individual challenge, especially aerobics, as well as the group challenge of football and soccer. Aries/Taurus tend to enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, that allow them to get close to the earth.

 Conversely, their appreciation of art and culture sends them to the opera and exclusive galleries. The Aries/Taurus cusp individual could possibly be an expert rock climber, kayaker or skier. Intense activity and drive channeled through a great love and respect for the natural beauty of the outdoors is often seen with this astrological aspect.

 The great strength of the Aries/Taurus-born is in their energy, initiative and courage. Their ability to take a project and go with it is unparalleled. Their more earthy side brings out their stability and perseverance. Methodical determination enables them to be productive when others have long since given up. With the combination of fire and earth, they are one of the most dynamic, stable and passionate characters of the zodiac.




How To Attract A Pisces

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 You can always interest a Pisces in conversation about the world of entertainment, art, books, poetry, and dramatics.  Another sure way to get their attention is to discuss any topic touching on the occult, mysticism, spiritualism, and the supernatural, particularly anything involving reincarnation. A Pisces who actually doesn’t believe in it (and there aren’t many) are fascinated by discussions about it. Tell them your problems. They are great listeners and their sympathy is most genuine. But avoid giving the impression that you’re overwhelmed by your problems. While a Pisces has an unusual compassion for losers, they prefer people who are strong and supportive with a positive outlook on life.

 Pisces people like to laugh and will be impressed by someone who has an ability to smile their troubles away. Ask them about any subject they know well. (Tip: They love the arts.) They will soon open up. In fact, a problem may be getting back in control of the conversation. Always greet this sign with a compliment about their appearance or social presence, or remember to repeat a flattering comment that someone else may have made about them. A Pisces soaks up flattery like the Sahara Desert soaks up water. Above all, be sentimental. Remember each birthday and anniversary. Pisces born are grateful and they don’t forget kindness or thoughtfulness. You will be richly rewarded.

How To Attract An Aquarius

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 These highly social creatures make friends easily. They are amusing, interesting conversationalists who nonetheless prefer to discuss what is significant or important. Don’t be surprised if they don’t reach any conclusions, though. When you’re dealing with eternal verities, it’s hard to come to the point. Aquarius is usually courteous but elusive. There is no way to breach this demeanor, especially not with a direct attack. When faced with a head-on approach, Aquarius tends to retreat. It’s easy to draw out their compassionate qualities. They are humanitarians whose interests stretch far beyond the horizon. They see the big picture, not it’s little flaws.

 They are interested in books, art, or scientific matters.  This sign has an interest in science.  They’re also fascinated by hobbies and gadgets. If you can’t share all of their interests, at least try not to be jealous of the fact that they have so many. They can’t help it, it’s in their stars. Aquarius is always delighted with the different and new. Give them time to get to know you, to trust you, to depend on you. They will take advice, but are sure too smart to be fooled. Important: Never nag an Aquarius about a mistake. They will acknowledge one readily enough, but then forget it. A mistake seems genuinely unimportant to them, and if you keep harping on it, they will just think you are strange.

How To Attract A Capricorn

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 If Capricorn appears aloof at first, it’s because they are calculating the risks of a new friendship. They are quite willing to be your audience, so don’t be afraid to take the initiative in a conversation. A sure way to capture this sign’s interest is to be amusing, for they are basically melancholy types who need an emotional lift. They often try to hide their feelings because they are afraid of exposing too much of themselves. Never mind that their fears are unfounded; this is how they feel. Even at their most open, a Capricorn will be pretty hard to fathom.

 Capricorn is interested in art, music, and theater and are drawn to people who are intellectually stimulating. They prefer to talk of serious subjects. When they decide to state an opinion, listen as if you were hearing God himself speak. And don’t come up with any radical or far-out opinions. They shun unconventionality. You can’t go wrong with getting a Capricorn something practical as a gift. Be sure it’s of the best quality, not something gaudy or showy. People born under this sign appreciate luxury, but are too aware of the value of a dollar to respect anyone who splurges just to make a good impression. Always be on time. Time is money, and you know how they feel about that. 

How To Attract A Sagittarius

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 You won’t have trouble striking up a conversation. Sagittarius is interested in almost anything. When they’ve talked themselves out on their favorite subjects,  they’ll decide that you’re a fascinating conversationalist! Ask about their work, their friends, books they’ve read, and their reaction to a current news event. If you happen to like animals or outdoor sports, you’re already halfway home with this sign. There is a fine line between taking an interest in them and prying. Don’t overstep that boundary. Sagittarius is very wary of anyone who might be trying to corner them.

 If talking small talk with a Sagittarius and you’re feeling like you’re sliding rapidly over ice, don’t worry. Matters will improve on better acquaintance. You may discover, in fact, that your problem is trying to ignore the direct, sometimes overly frank statements that a Sagittarius will make. They love outdoor dates: dancing under the stars, open-air concerts, picnics at the beach, skiing or sailing outings. They usually avoid large parties because they cannot bear to be hedged in or confined. Never let your emotional needs intrude on their private life. Enjoy being with them but don’t think you have signed a lifelong contract of friendship. And don’t look back with regret when it’s over. They won’t.  

How To Attract A Scorpio

attract scorpio  HOW TO ATTRACT A SCORPIO

 Scorpios are noted for their unpredictability, but here are a few general rules that may serve as a guide. Listen to a Scorpio carefully with full attention. There’s no way of faking it. Scorpios always know when you’re pretending, and that will be the end before there’s even a beginning. Remember an overriding Scorpio trait: Never tell a Scorpio something happened without including how or why. If you leave that out, you will be classified as either dull or superficial. neither gets far with people born under this sign.

 Scorpios enjoy most forms of recreation, particularly water sports. If you’re the type who likes a day at the beach or to be out on a fishing boat or to take water skiing lessons, you and a Scorpio will have that much in common. Scorpios also enjoy parties, social affairs, charity bazaars, and places where they can associate with successful people. If you get into an argument (which you shouldn’t with anyone born under this sign), please remember to be respectful. Scorpios are proud, serious, and don’t believe that any of their opinions should be trifled with, even good-humoredly. 

How To Attract A Libra

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 Libras are the jewels of the Zodiac – the kind you see displayed in Tiffany’s windows, not on Woolworth’s shelves. They exist to be admired. Their environment is that of the social arts, the world of good manners and pleasantries. Don’t fret about what topics to discuss. Libras have many interests – theater, antiques, decorating, art, collecting – and are marvelous conversationalists. Of course, their favorite topic is themselves. You’ll discover that even when they appear to be discussing something else, they’re really talking about their own interests – in disguise. Pat the most generous compliment you can think of that has some grounding in truth and they’ll be charmed by you.

 Libras are always interested in both sides of a question, and if you express a strong opinion they will take pleasure in pointing out what’s to be said about the other side. This won’t lead to an argument or unpleasantness – Libras dread that – but might make for lively conversation. And if you tell a Libra how smart they are and how much you’ve learned, you won’t be making a mistake. If you’re trying to please a Libra, show that you have good taste. Libras like to be proud of their dates. In general, don’t hold back on anything. Go all out. Whatever may be said against too much, too soon, Libras believe that’s a lot better than too little too late.




How To Attract A Virgo


 The rule to bear in mind is: Don’t overpower, underplay. Always try to be a good sport. If that drink you’re invited for turns out to be at a health food store and consists of carrot and cucumber juice, smile and gulp it. Virgos are finicky eaters and careful about their health. Quickly establish your cultural credentials. Virgos are drawn to people whose intelligence or learning is superior to their own. Don’t probe too closely into their personal affairs. They guard their private life. Avoid noisy places or entertainment that is vulgar or offensive. Virgos pride themselves on their good taste.

 Don’t let Virgo’s worrying upset you. People born under this sign are natural worriers. Will they be on time for the show? Will it rain or snow? Will the mail arrive? Their lists of worries are endless. It’s no use in pointing out that most of the things they worry about will never happen. They’ll go right on worrying anyway; it’s their way of coping with what might go wrong. Both male and female Virgos appreciate gifts that are useful and practical. Very few special occasions with Virgo will happen spur of the moment – at least not if Virgo can help it. There will be careful planning; all the moves will be figured out in advance. Virgo is marvelous at working behind the scenes to accomplish this.



How To Attract A Leo

attract leo


 You can always win over anyone born under this sign if you show by your actions, attention and unceasing compliments that you are completely and hopelessly lost in admiration. If you really feel that way, perfect. If you don’t, fake it. Leos won’t suspect your insincerity because they think they’re fully as wonderful as you tell them they are. Leos almost never think compliments go too far. There is another way to make an impression on Leo: be funny. They have a fine sense of humor and love to be entertained. (Didn’t every monarch have a court jester?)

 You can’t go wrong attending a cultural event, especially a preview of some kind. Accompany Leo to a cocktail party that marks the opening of a new art gallery, an advance movie screening or a lecture by an author about his or her upcoming book. Keep in mind that both female and male Leos think the best is none too good for them. Leo travels first class. If you’re trying to impress a Leo female, take the rubber band off your bankroll and don’t overlook the flowers. If you’re trying to impress a Leo male, get the best cut steak from the butcher and don’t spare the fine wine. And then bring out the big surprise – that flaming desert or after dinner brandy.



How To Attract A Cancer

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 Cancer people are vulnerable – to praise as well as criticism. Let them know directly and forthrightly how much you admire them. Nothing will drag a Cancer out of their shell more readily than the warmth of approval. Pick out a quality that you can, in all sincerity, compliment them on. Do you like what they’re wearing? Their smile? Their ability to listen attentively? (No one is better at this than Cancer.) Tell them so. Don’t be insincere and single out some quality merely for the sake of having something complimentary to say. Cancers can always spot the difference between the compliment that is sincere and the one meant only to cajole.

 Show Cancer the softer side of your nature. Are you interested in charities? Talk about that. Children? By all means. Or discuss a genuine personal problem that’s troubling you. Then Cancer will be able to show you their best side: their empathy and ability to give constructive   advice. Finances, politics and sports are other areas that interest them greatly. For a date, get tickets to the theater or to some art or cultural event. Cancer people respond to romantic, strongly melodic music. They do not rush into anything. They are very cautious about making a commitment. Also, their amazing memory dwells on the past and constantly recalls old wounds. A Cancer who forgives and forgets is very rare.