How To Attract A Gemini

attract gem



 Meet them on the high ground. Geminis’ interests are wide rather than deep ~ they know a little about everything, but not much about one thing. If you know one thing well, you’ll impress them. Gemini likes to give friends or a lover a kind of IQ test. If you pass, you’re welcome. You can even choose the subject you’re being tested on. Books, music, art, politics ~ Gemini is interested in all. Beware of being too smugly conservative or conformist. In Gemini’s scoring this rate as dull. However, speak your mind frankly on any subject. Gemini’s admire candor and honesty, and a good exchange, even of contrary opinions, can be a firm foundation for better acquaintance.

 Don’t try and match wits, unless you’re sure you have the verbal ammunition. Gemini people of either sex wield words as weapons. They enjoy intellectual talk but they also love gossip. If you know any interesting facts about the famous, near-famous, or just even mutual acquaintances, you’ll have an appreciative audience. Gemini people are also fond of anyone who can make them laugh. Warning: Gemini people are deeply sensitive and need t have people they trust around them. Never give them a reason to suspect that you are lying or tricking them (even if you are). And don’t dare be suspicious of them; nothing distresses a Gemini more than to have their motives distrusted.





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