Aquarius Superpowers

tmp_zodiac-superpower-e1380667499826-200111032AQUARIUS SUPERPOWERS

   The Aquarius is an eccentric hero, liable to abandon the battlefield in the midst of a fight for humanity, just to try his hand at inventing that time machine he’s been working on in his basement for years. Like most Air signs, he is flighty, quite literally speaking, for he can float and hover, as well as soar high through the clouds. Don’t go imagining Superman though, for the Aquarian hero won’t be looking for possible dangers, or searching for his arch-rival, but more probably testing our a new wind-resistant suit he’s been working on. Where the Gemini superhero has many personalities, and the Cancer hero many moods, the Aquarian has many interests. He marches to the beat of his own drummer (often literally, for Aquarians tend to be musically inclined), and so you can’t expect him to turn up for duty when the world is in danger. He’ll lend a hand certainly, for he has a strong sense of civic mindedness, but first he’s got to finish working on those weightless boots he’s been testing out.

 The primary superpower for the Aquarian is mind-travel, which as you might expect, comes in handy, for his body is often too slow to keep up with his thoughts. He can therefore transport himself to any location he can imagine, in the blink of an eye. But the limiting factor is that his body always remains in the same position. So he can peek in on the President at The White House, or else check out a match at Wimbledon, or even sit in on a Physics lecture at Harvard University, his body will be back in his basement, where he left it. It’s a handy superpower in dire or emergency situations, when one might need to be in many places at once, but the Aquarian only seldom uses it to serve humanity. For the most part, he’s content using his powers to learn, understand and explore more of this world that is a playground to him.


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