Virgo Poem

virgo poem 3


As Virgo comes, autumn rings the doorbell
And summer now bids farewell
With sharpened mind she pierces details
Analysis is something the virgin hardly fails
Virgin of harvest, piercing through it all.

If there’s a problem to be solved
Get your Virgo friend involved
Under the virgin harvest is well
Golden forests, a time to heal
Look the virgin oft he harvest, piercing it all.

Oh maiden fair, selfless soul you are
The service to others takes you far
But think about and hear me pledge
Are you chosen as people’s judge?
Watch harvest’s virgin, piercing it all.

So, the way the others are, accept them
Then, humble maiden, you will be loved by your brethren
Sew your purity upon this world
Oh, yours will be the heaven’s gold
Fair virgin of the harvest, you pierce it all.


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