Taurus Poem

taurus poem 7


Steady and steadfast, that’s you, the bull
You will is like made of steel
On your goal, your gaze fixed firmly
On you go, step by step, calmly
Watch the strong bull, he’s cracking the earth.

Allowing no shortcuts to you or any other
Loving the things this world has to offer
Carefully handling the wealth acquired
And with success, always well prepared
The strength of the bull cracks the earth.

No friend of war Taurus is
And with those in his heart generous
You reap the fruits of your hard work
But beware where the shadows lurk
With his strength the bull is cracking the earth.

What you need to learn, dear Taurus
Is to sometimes set your grip loose
Accept the freedom of things
And fly away on heaven’s wings
Bull, your strength is cracking the earth.


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