Scorpio Poem

scorpio poem 2


They say that still waters run deep,
But only the surface is asleep.
Beneath the scorpion’s calm facade lies commotion.
A deep running wild sea of emotion.
Watch out for the scorpion’s sting!

Oh, so intense is the scorpion all over!
Truly, a very passionate lover!
And their eyes, their eyes!
They never fail to tantalize
Fearsome is the scorpion’s sting.

Mystery is your second name.
Determination and intensity just the same.
Your heart doesn’t lack courage either.
Will the cold flame of your passion die ever?
Don’t get caught by the scorpion’s sting!

Scorpion, scorpion, please do hear me!
Your power will never blossom fully.
Shed your skin and as an eagle free,
Spread your wings and fly the heavens you see
Enemies, fear the scorpion’s sting!


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