Pisces Superpowers

tmp_zodiac-superpower-e1380667499826-200111032PISCES SUPERPOWERS

   They are the oldest of the superheroes, and easily the most soulful as well. Piscean heroes are dedicated to their causes, and have a strong sense of morality and civic mindedness. They are empathic individuals that care deeply for the weak, the wounded, and the weary, but their strongest sense of duty lies with animals and children. Piscean Superheroes can be found safeguarding Zoos, Wildlife Reserves, Schools and Daycare centers, while the duty of protecting the rest of the city will be left with one of the remaining eleven signs.

   Ever heard the saying, “Slippery as a fish?” It’s no coincidence that Pisceans are the signs of the fish, and embody the slippery, unattainable nature of the creature in their behavior. Pisceans can use expert camouflage to blend into any background with consummate ease, essentially giving them invisibility. They use this indiscernibility to go into places other heroes cannot, and to infiltrate deep within enemy lines. Pisceans would make excellent burglars, for not only could they break into a home without being noticed, but they would leave the place looking untouched, apart from being a few thousand dollars lighter.

   But the truly remarkable power of these heroes is their ability to manipulate the elements. Piscean heroes can calm explosive fire, calm volatile winds, soothe the angry earth, and still the rapid seas. They particularly share a deep connection with Water, their element, and can produce a tidal wave, or a torrential rainstorm at will. Nature is synonymous with the Piscean hero that loves and cares for all living beings. She is a kind, nurturing hero who believes in all things natural, and while she may not dazzle you with her superpowers the way other heroes might, her actions are no less noble or effective—they’re just hard to see, is all.



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