The Zodiac Signs And Murder

 zodiac murder



 •    •    •      •


  • Aries would use a knife. They would make sure to leave lots of stab wounds, especially in the face. This would most likely be a rage kill. After they were done stabbing you, they’d start ripping you limb from limb, even if you were already dead.


  • The Bull would use their bare hands and strangle you to death. They’d stare into your eyes intensely as they suffocated you to death, maybe even adding in a few dramatic “I got you in the end,”  phrases while doing it.


  • For this sign, it all depends on what is convenient for them to use as a murder weapon. They are very clever, so they’d figure it out quickly. The sign of Gemini is a little on the psychopathic side, so If you really fucked them over, they’d probably cut off your hands and watch you bleed to death. All while laughing an evil sinister laugh.


  • The Crab would take you to a beach and find a secluded area. They would dig a hole deep enough only to cover you to your neck. This sign would watch the tide come in and slowly start to cover you. Smirking, they would watch you drown as the sea creatures start to pick at your helpless corpse.


  • Leo would make a whole sport of it. The Lion would find a bunch of really sadistic, fucked up people on the black market and put you in a pit filled with big cats – lions, tigers, cheetahs, etc. You would then hear, “Let the killing begin,” and a spotlight would shine on the death pit as you are torn to shreds.


  • This sign would make it look like an accident. Who knows, possibly a car accident or a suicide. Since the Virgin is so detail oriented, no one would ever find out that they did it because they would cover every minute trace.


  • Libra would also make it look like an accident. They would mask that they were involved really well. But, the sick part of it is, they would act so distraught about the whole thing and then to tip the scales, they would your family and friends to show them sympathy and be on their side.


  • First, the Scorpion would chloroform you helpless. Then a succinolcholine injection. (This is a horse tranquilizer that is extremely hard to detect. It makes all the muscles go soft and would deem you POWERLESS against anything. You would basically suffocate to death. Scorpio would mock and tease you about how helpless you are until you died.


  • Being so simple and down to earth, the Archer would just beat the shit out of you until you were literally an unrecognizable bloody mass of guts and bones.


  • Capricorn is all about organization and planning. This sign would want it to be quick and clean so they would probably shoot you in the head, mafia style. They would have an organized team to cover for them and dump the body. Hell, they would probably even hire Virgo to hide the evidence.


  • Aquarius would probably do something really strange, wacky, and off the wall. For instance, maybe they would kill you in the middle of a play by planning to have a stage light dropped on you. This popular sign might even make an example of you in front of a bunch of their “followers.”


  • The Fishes would capture you and play surgeon. Drama filled Pisces, would rant and rave the whole time about “how it feels” to feel pain as intensely as the pain that they feel. They would make sure that the kill took a long time so that they would have a captive audience. They would prolong it as much as possible so that they could enjoy being the predator instead of the victim for once.

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