Scorpio Superpowers

zodiac superpower


   The Scorpio Superhero is easily the most dashing and enigmatic of the zodiac, but has the least obvious set of superpowers. She isn’t a burly, muscular hero with unmatchable strength. Nor is she sunny and cheerful, with an ever-ready smile on her face. Instead, there is an air of darkness and mystery around her, along with a seductive charm that is at once intimidating and intriguing. She loves the darkness, the shadows and is no stranger to pain and suffering. Expect her to adorn a Cat Woman-like suit of black leather, with some kind of mask that veils most of her features, except for those gorgeous, intense eyes. She accepts the mantle of savior reluctantly, for she is at heart an individual in conflict, and this will show in her behavior and her lack of faith in her own actions. She is not short of self-belief however, and knows how effective she is with her set of skills.

   The strength of this superhero is that she can affect you without you even realizing that you’ve been affected. The chief superpower of the Scorpio is vocal manipulation. While that might not sound like a very effective or valuable power, consider this~ the Scorpio Superhero can get an individual to do absolute anything, through vocal instruction alone. If an army of the enemy’s soldiers are approaching the city, she has but to command them to stop and turn back, and the army will obey without question. Such is the influence of this Scorpio woman. She is also a flexible, nimble warrior, adept at using those sinewy limbs to cause significant damage. But unless she is craving a physical outlet, she won’t engage in combat. For why bother getting her hands dirty when she can simply persuade her enemy to surrender with her voice alone?

   While her vocal manipulation is an undoubtedly valuable asset, there are many limitations and weaknesses. She must be heard to affect a person, and they can do anything within their powers to block her out. While most superheroes come equipped with potent superpowers that serve them in their duties of protecting the world, the Scorpio Superhero relies on a skillset that serves her individually, as much as it does society.


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