Sagittarius Superpowers

zodiac superpower


   A good-natured superhero with an impish smile, a sunny demeanor and never-say-die attitude? Yep, that’s the Sagittarius all right. Whether he’s rescuing a cat in a tree, or dueling his arch-rival on top of the world’s tallest building, the Sagittarius Superhero will be positive, confident and cheerful. His sense of optimism is in itself is a superpower worth mentioning. Herculean by nature, the Sagittarius Superhero will be athletically built, capable of scaling walls, running faster than bullets, and fighting till his enemy drops dead of exhaustion. He has a great fondness of nature, and will whittle away his time in the mountains and forests, replenishing his self-belief and deep well of positivity, until he is once again needed to serve humanity. But we haven’t even gotten to his main superpower yet~ indestructability. Not to be confused with infallibility, for he is not incapable of losing a battle, but the defeat will simply not destroy him. If his enemy fires a bazooka at him short range, he will simply turn to ashes. But there will be faint embers within the ashes, and from that dormant fire he will rise again, stronger and more determined than before. There is no vanquishing this hero, for his sense of optimism runs deeper than his personality, and is etched into his very soul.

The Sagittarius embodies the traditional mold of a superhero, from his athletic prowess, his physique, to his tireless pursuit of justice and peace. Nothing can bring him down, literally or emotionally, and no matter what adversity he faces, he will tackle the opposition with that sunny demeanor that is the very symbol of his greatness.


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