Gemini Superpowers

zodiac superpower


   She’s up there on the mountain, fighting that… no wait, she’s checking out a necklace in that jewelry store~ no, sorry, she’s actually having dinner at… wait, where is she? Good luck trying to keep up with the Gemini Superhero. She can move around like the Flash, appearing in one place one instant, and then in another place, miles away, the very next second.

   She can move at the speed of her own thoughts, but that is not her only superpower. She can split herself into many different selves, like clones, so that they can each multi-task and fight the enemy simultaneously. It’s not something she likes doing, because every time she splits herself into another form, she grows a little weaker. But when in a dire situation, with minutes left to disarm a nuclear device and save mankind, this Gemini Superhero is the one to call. She’ll split herself into half a dozen clones, one of whom will be a skilled bomb-defusing expert, while another will be a medic that tends to the wounded, while a third will attack the enemy ranks as a hand-to-hand combat specialist. The fourth will be an accomplished sniper, who perches herself on top of a building and picks the enemy off one by one. The fifth will type up a Pulitzer-winning story about the events as they happen and send it into the New York Times, while the sixth will be dining in that posh, uptown Japanese restaurant~ hey, a girl’s gotta eat. Ten minutes later, the nuclear device would be deactivated, the enemy bound and left in front of the courthouse, all the wounded expertly healed and sent home, and the story e-mailed to the NY Times editor. She won’t have finished eating yet though~ there are some things that shouldn’t be rushed. At the end of the day, she’s still just one person. All those clones with the different skills, talents and purposes, are all her own. She’s a smart, sexy superhero with more personality than all the other superheroes put together. But she’s still just a girl at heart.


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