Cancer Superpowers

zodiac superpower


   Whatever you do, don’t put the spotlight on her~ hey, I mean it! It doesn’t matter if she just thwarted a terrorist plot, brought a dozen criminals to justice, and basically saved the world, all while wearing six-inch heels. If you’re thinking about holding a grand reception for her, maybe awarding a medal, and basically introducing her to the media as the Superhero that saved the day, then she might just turn on her superpower again~ invisibility.

   This girl doesn’t like to be seen, if she can help it. She likes to work quietly in the background, doing what she does best~ observing, understanding and manipulating people and their actions. Might sound like a bad thing, but it’s not. There are those that manipulate people for their own needs, but though Cancer Superhero is skilled at influencing the decisions of any living being, she will only do it where it is necessary for the greater good. So she’ll become invisible and slip quietly through the enemy ranks, getting all the leaders and commanders to change their plans, abandon their missions, and eventually surrender to the authorities. They won’t know what happened or why it happened. They haven’t seen her,  but they’ve heard her, and felt her persuasive presence. She knows how people think, and how best to bring a response out of them.


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