Aries Superpowers

zodiac superpower


   If you’re trying to close your eyes and imagine a real life superhero, you won’t have to look far beyond an Aries. They may not necessarily be built like one, but they are all superheroes where it counts: in spirit. The Aries’ fighting spirit will be easily recognizable in a sporting arena, for their never-say-die attitude will dwarf even the most valiant efforts of any other sign. So what powers would an Aries Superhero have? An indomitable spirit, boundless energy, and expert skill with any weapon in existence. Any of these three powers might not seem all that impressive by themselves, but consider them in the hands of a spirited, charged up hero. When up against a dark army, gathered in numbers of thousands, would you want anyone else spearheading the resistance other than a superhero who does not know the meaning of the word ‘defeat?’ The Aries Superhero will charge towards the army head on, carrying any of the numerous weapons that he is expertly skilled at, and will fight until every single one of the enemies is defeated. For how can someone who never tires, will never give up, and can fight expertly with any given weapon, possibly be defeated?

   In terms of persona and appearance, the Aries Superhero can be likened to Thor, with a tough, almost brutish appearance, and a sense of self-belief that comes from an inner strength that few others can even imagine, let alone possess.


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