Leo Child

leo child

One of the most spectacular signs of the Zodiac, a Leo seeks warmth and attention in personal relationships. People with this sign are born between July 23 and August 22. Here are a few useful insights on what it may be like to bring up a Leo child.

 Like To Be In The Limelight

   Leo children like adults of the zodiac relish being in the spotlight. This zodiac sign is ruled by the sun which stands at the center of the solar system while all the planets revolve around it. Similarly a Leo child will expect to be the center of attention in practically every situation, but especially in social ones. You are likely to find your Leo toddler surrounded by other children on the playground and as they get older you will find your house turn into a gathering place for all their friends from school or the neighborhood. This is a natural consequence of their gregarious natures, but don’t let all that attention get into their heads. Blessed with a naturally magnetic personality, Leos find it easy to attract followers and make friends. But sometimes this tendency also veer towards a kind of impatience with others, especially when confronted by more reticent personalities like a Cancer or a Pisces, or someone who seems to go about with their head in the clouds. Here it is your role to help your child to see that not everyone can possibly know everything about every subject and that some people who seem ‘loony’ in their eyes may simply be gifted in areas that they them-selves have not yet studied. Rather, work with your little Leo towards discovering the wonders of metaphysics, psychology and the spiritual and you will find your child develop a healthy sense of balance between the material and the mystical.

Knack For Bossiness

   Since being under the spotlight comes naturally to a Leo child, they may eventually grow up to believe that it is their right to be the center of attention at all times and that they are best placed to direct the action which should inevitably revolve around them. This tendency often turns them into little autocrats and they tend to behave like the King of the Jungle, whose zodiac sign they bear. When their inherent bossy natures are not tempered with humility and understanding, Leo children can grow up to be insufferable and arrogant adults. You can best help them in this regard by demonstrating care and humility in your own actions. Direct commands like, “Because I told you so” or vague justifications like, “Because the Bible says so” rarely work with Leo children. Once you display humility and regard for others in your own actions, they are more likely to imbibe the useful lessons from you and absorb them in their own personality.

Living Life King-Size

   Like the proverbial King of the Jungle, Leo individuals believe in living life king-size. While in adults this translates into wearing designer labels, drinking the finest wines, attending the priciest concerts and throwing the best parties, in the case of children you are likely to be kept on your toes by their troop of friends and their demands for tennis racquets today or airplane models tomorrow. It is not necessary to indulge their every whim and fancy but neither should you dismiss them off the hand. This is because behind all that laughter and self-assurance, Leo children are really quite sensitive creatures. On one hand, they are naturally confident and can be easily spoiled to the point that they become bullies, on the other hand they can also be easily shattered if they feel that they are failures. Here once again you as a parent need to find the middle ground between encouragement so that they know you are truly proud of their achievements and restraint so that they don’t feel worthless. The best way to bring up your little Leo is to be a hands-on parent. If you ignore them for a long time and then suddenly dump a ton of praise on them, your child simply won’t believe you. Instead give them your love and attention in little amounts but on a daily basis so that you work as a steady rock for their expansive, extravagant natures.

Knack For Making Hasty Judgments

   Leo children like adults of the same zodiac sign are great at getting along with people they like but equally infamous for writing off those they think are losers. On one hand they can be highly generous with their favorite pals or those who are less fortunate than them~ often giving away toys and personal effects. Also you might find your Leo child bringing home strays of all shapes and sizes simply because the “poor thing” looked so lost. Being generous to a fault, Leo children are sometimes unable to differentiate between their real friends and someone who may be simply flattering them to get something in return. Strangely enough, they can go to the other extreme of making quick often unthinking judgments about people who they have decided they don’t like. And even if later they are proved wrong about that person, they will blame them for misrepresenting themselves. And of course, woe betide anyone who dares cross swords with a Leo since then they will be met with the full and unrelenting fury of the Zodiac Lion. In order to bring up your child with better inter-personal skills, you will need to teach them about compassion and forgiveness.

   However, If you simply tell them that it is not nice to hold a grudge, they will think you are being illogical and will probably ignore you. Rather, you need to show them logical and practical reasons to be open-minded and forgiving. Practice in your own life what you wish to teach your Leo child so that they can experience first-hand the personal joy and inner peace that comes from being a truly kind and forgiving person.

Time For Play

1. These children love to explore, whether it be with a science project or investigating in the backyard. If kept unchecked, you will probably find a Leo climbing a tree.
2. They love physical activities, which will help to burn off some of their seemingly endless supply of energy.
3. The Leo child is not one that can just sit in a small room and do a puzzle; they need space, and an environment that is conducive for them to expand their imagination.
4. A mentally challenging experiment or game will usually delight this young mind.

Tips For Parents With A Leo Child

1. Keep Band-Aids on hand at all times, as these children are always on the move, so scrapes and small cuts are inevitable.
2. Give them tasks and chores at an early age that are not just to keep them busy, but will have some type of meaning.
3. Recruit your young Leos to help around the house.
4. They will learn by example, make sure that what you are saying and doing are in sync.
5. The truth always works best for these children, even “white lies” or well-meaning half-truths will be hurtful to these children.
6. Due to their generous hearts, it is important to teach your Leo kid the value of money and the importance of saving money.

Due to the fact that those born between July 23 and August 22 want to be the center of attention and leaders in their circles; it is possible that they might become aggressive. It is the responsibility of the adult in charge to curb these dominating characteristics, and to teach them the importance and the value of each and every individual.

Their natural confidence can easily be turned into a child with a spoiled behavior, and can even lead to bullying. A parent must keep these children active and teach them balance.

It will not benefit a Leo child, if you ignore them one moment, and then give them tons of praise the next. First of all, they will not believe your praise if you ignore them at any time. It is best to provide praise and encouragement consistently, in lots of small doses. A raised voice is not a productive discipline technique, a Leo child responds better to a logical explanation of why some-thing is right or wrong.

Leo children that have been raised in an atmosphere that has had the right balance of humility, love and self-esteem will grow to be respectful adults, and have a healthy perspective that happy relationships are real and possible.


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