Gemini Child

gemini childBorn between May 21st and June 21st, Geminis are charming, intelligent and dynamic, whether as adults or children. Kids born in this zodiac sign, however, thrive best when their inherent inconsistencies are creatively channeled. Here is how you can understand and raise your Gemini child better.

An Incredibly Curious Nature

   An easy way to pick out a Gemini from a group of kids is by their insatiable curiosity. It is as though they begin their quest for knowledge right from the cradle. Everything fascinates them and they have a question ready to follow your every explanation. It could be hard coming up with answers to their varied queries the whole long day, but the worst thing you could do while brining up a Gemini child is to stifle their curiosity. Give them enough books to read, introduce them to music, sports, science as soon as they are old enough to express interest in them and take them outdoors to study nature. Initially you may find your Gemini kid dabbling in a bit of this and a bit of that. This is an indication of their inherent inconsistent natures but instead of getting exasperated, continue to give them enough freedom to explore and learn. Gemini children are like sponges soaking up bits and pieces of information everywhere they go.  As a parent try to get involved in their thirst for knowledge; when you go out to the playground, ask them to notice anything unusual about the changing season or when they come home from school ask how many new things did they learn that day. Remember that by feeding their minds, you are actually feeding and enriching their souls.

Strong Streak Of Inconsistency

   Gemini children are marked by their varied interests – they want to try a bit of everything. One day your Gemini son may announce that he has taken up drama in school only to change his mind a fortnight later and sign up for chess classes. This flitting from one interest to another often expresses itself as a strong bias towards inconsistency. Geminis are not happy living out their today exactly like they did yesterday; some days a Gemini will lead the neighborhood kids into anarchy; the next day he or she might keep company with a book, microscope or pet. This is not so much a sign of fickleness; it’s just that they enjoy spreading themselves wide so as to learn and absorb more from life. As a parent however you need to guide their incredible energy and curiosity through the correct channels. While it is alright for them to dabble in a range of hobbies, help them to understand that school projects and other serious commitments must be followed through.

A Love For The Dramatic

   One of the great joys of bringing up a Gemini child is watch them entertain you with their dramatic stories and funny actions. Gemini kids are born actors and will probably amuse you at every turn. They are perfectly capable of talking your ears off with stories of make-believe and take huge pleasure in keeping friends and adults hooked to their incredible takes. This is actually a consequence of their rather early realization of the power of words – a lesson that they remember and use to ample advantage throughout their adult lives.  They usually learn to communicate sooner than other kids so that they can share ideas, information, and pursue better their quest for knowledge.  Sometimes however you might need to rein in your kid’s fantastic flights of imagination and conversation. Help your Gemini child to understand that there is a time and a place for everything.  A time to discuss ideas and a time to be quiet and give others a chance to speak.  While Gemini adults equipped with better social skills know that listening to others constitutes an equally essential part of effective communication, this fact has to be taught to young Geminis or they might be carried away by their own importance.

Running Into Impatience

   It is easy for the Gemini child to begin to feel superior to others because of their vast knowledge and their quick minds. When they find that other kids cannot keep up with them, either in imagination or words, they might display a strong streak of impatience and be ready to dismiss their playmates. Their tendency to impatience is evident even when they are not in company; for instance a Gemini kid cannot be bothered to learn to crawl but will try to walk as soon as he believes his legs are strong to support him. However it is when they begin socializing with friends and playmates that their impatience has the most potential to hurt others. Here as a parent you will need to show your kid that not everyone has their quick minds and that some people cannot handle rapid-fire conversations like they can. So rather then get upset with others for not being able to verbally keep up, they would fare much better if they make an effort to communicate with the slower, more methodical thinkers.  Help your child to understand that there is a wealth of information within those deeper minds and it is worth your Gemini’s time and effort to wait patiently for the message.

A Tendency To Manipulate

   Unconditional loyalty towards loved ones, even parents, is difficult for Gemini kids. This evident in the way that they learn early to manipulate adults and other children to their favor, often through their communication skills or attractive personality. This tendency to manipulation is probably the result of their belief that love is not really unconditional.  You have to behave properly, think properly, dress properly and win accolades in school in order to be loved. Therefore in order to make their way about in the larger world, these precocious kids believe that they need to work things to their advantage. However in order to modify this notion, the most important thing you could do for your Gemini child is to give unquestionable proof that you do love them unconditionally.  Society might have its rules and preferences of conduct for logical reasons, but that has nothing to do with love.  Once they understand that you really do love them even if they behave like jerks sometimes, then they will not only be more open towards embracing the rules of social conduct but also feel more confident of your affections and therefore feel no need to be manipulative.

Time For Play

The most important lesson to instill in this child is the fact that everyone does not have the quick mind that they do, and that they must remain patient with others and listen. They will be very understanding, if they know that their patience will be rewarded with information provided by a “deep” thinker, that may take time to relay their important message to the world and listening ears.

Gemini children were born to act; they love to entertain people with their dynamic personality. Having a “stage” set up for their performances is a great platform for them to express themselves creatively.

Tips For Parents With A Gemini Child

Parents need to guide their seemly endless curiosity and energy through proper channels – such as stressing the importance of completing a school assignment.

Also, it is your job and privilege to teach your young “twin” the importance of listening skills and that there is a time and place to ask questions.

The parents of the Gemini child must give them without any reasonable doubt, unconditional love or the “twin” will give in to their tendency for manipulation, and they will have a great deal of difficulty of exhibiting unconditional loyalty to their parents or any other loved one. The “twin” will learn early in life that they can manipulate other children and even adults to sway things in their favor. This is where the young Gemini children will learn to hone their communication skills and their attractive personalities for later in life, because of their need to make sure to work things so that they will always have the advantage. The unconditional love thus exhibited and proven to the Gemini child will help mollify this need for always looking for ways to manipulate and to seek the advantage over others. The proving to the Gemini children of unconditional love will allow them to conform to the basic rules of social conduct and feel the sincerity of your love and make the urge to be manipulative a moot point.


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