Capricorn Child

capricorn child

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is associated with drive, responsibility and industry. Born from December 21st to January 20th, Capricorn children are relatively easy to raise if you can introduce the right balance between work and play.

Hard-Working Souls

   Determined and industrious, the Capricorn is aptly symbolized by the Mountain Goat – a creature which strives for the top with slow but steady steps and eventually reaches there. Adult Capricorns can put in hours of hard work at a stretch and quietly go on like that for days together because in the end they know that the reward will be worth it. Likewise you might find your little Capricorn too going about their job with a steadfastness of purpose that is remarkable in one so young. This is the reason why Capricorn children are often teachers’ pets in school and Mommy’s best little helper at home. If a class project needs to be finished or the kitchen cabinet has to be organized, these children are the ones to be trusted with the job. The downside of this kind of industriousness is that such children tend to take work too seriously and neglect their social and playful side. So, when you find them immersed for hours in school work or a complicated jigsaw puzzle, encourage them to go out and play with friends or take them out for an ice-cream. Every now and then, give them a chore they enjoy; it’s a win-win situation – while your chore gets done, your kid’s natural desire for organized work is satisfied. Capricorn children who learn the fine art of work-and-play balance grow up to be some of the most successful people in society.

A Strong Ambitious Streak

   In most cases, the Capricorn’s hard-working industrious nature is driven by a strong vein of ambition. It is impossible to gauge the strength of their ambition from their mild-mannered and calm exterior. Underneath that quite, easy-going nature is however a steely resolve to attain whatever targets the individual may have set for themselves. In your child, this ambitious side may express itself as a strong desire to bag the editor’s post in the school magazine or to make it to the cheerleading team. Often your child may even surprise you with a fierce competitiveness, whether at home in relation to other siblings or on the playground exulting in games of one-upmanship. Younger Capricorn children thus thrive best when parents set boundaries for them. If these kids are left to do anything at anytime, they will feel rudderless and confused. Rather provide them early with a schedule and a plan; these will not only make them feel more secure but provide them with a structure for their natural productiveness and ambition to flower.

Practical Little Adults

   Earth is the ruling element for Capricorn which makes them down-to-earth, practical people. The little ones of this zodiac sign display a business-like approach to life in the way that they seem wise beyond their years. They can as easily converse with adults as they do with other kids and they in fact seem more at ease around adults. More than once you might spot your Capricorn child regarding the adults in their life as their real equals rather than classmates or other kids of the same age. While these serious little boys and girls might do exceedingly well in their early schooling years, as they enter their teens, they might start having popularity issues. They could find that while teachers love them and their friends think they are smart, no one really wants to date them. In order to help your Capricorn child emerge into well-adjusted social beings, encourage them to lighten up every now and then. If you pay special attention, you will most probably notice that Capricorn children wait for permission to play and to laugh.  They really have a delightful sense of humor and a wonderfully creative imagination, but they are afraid that if they are too childish, that people will frown upon them. As a parent you need to teach them that it is okay to take time off from work to simply laugh and play and it is not always necessary to achieve excellence in everything that they do – it is equally great to pursue an interest or activity for the sheer joy of it.

Regard For Rules-Almost Always

   One major reason why it seems so easy to bring up Capricorn children is their inborn regard for rules. Capricorn children usually follow the norms of right and wrong that have been laid down before them. This makes adult Capricorns quite conventional and even conservative sometimes.  As children, however, they have a deep sense of what they ought and ought not to do. So if you constantly harp on rules when bringing up a Capricorn child, it will seem to them like you are calling them stupid. Most of the time, they will conduct themselves quite honorably.  If they decide to break the rules, they either have a very good reason to set the rules aside or they have determined that the rule does not apply to them. In such a scenario your best bet lies in using logic and reason to explain why they should listen to you. Once you reveal the practical advantages of following the rules, you can be sure of getting your point across to them.

A Need For Respect

   Self-esteem is usually a major need of all Capricorns. While all children require to be told that they are loved and respected for who they are, young Capricorns tend to believe that they have to prove themselves worthy of being loved. In order to bring up an emotionally healthy Capricorn, respect and admire their goals in life but also let them know that they deserve to be loved and indulged for the simple reason that they are your child.

Time For Play

These children are not considered to be “jocks” in the sports world; in fact they would much prefer and enjoy reading a good book.

They also love to make things, so consider building blocks or anything that will allow their creativity to shine through, to keep them happy and content.

One of the great things about young Capricorns is that they have an innate sense of what is right and what is wrong, which makes parenting a much easier job. The trick here is to not constantly tell them the rules, as they may feel that you are looking down on them and their intelligence. They only need to be told the rules and regulations once, and they won’t forget them. Now, if your ultimate goal is to have this wonderful child follow the rules, you need to explain to them why they exist. If they make a decision to intentionally break the rules that have been laid out, they either have a valid reason for doing so or they just don’t think that a particular restriction applies to them.

Capricorn children usually have an inner battle going on, between logically thinking and loyalty. Most of the time, these sensitive and loving children will choose loyalty over the logic mind.

Tips For Parents With A Capricorn Child

1. Reassure them, that despite their intelligence, that they are loved and liked by others.
2. Because they know that they are capable and very smart, this may appear as arrogance, which may isolate them from their peers and result in negative self-esteem problems.
3. They will need and want your permission to laugh and play.
4. Due to the fact that Capricorn children are not trouble makers, are quiet and polite, they are commonly overlooked. Make sure that you pay attention to your Capricorn child.
5. Provide a safe and comfortable spot for them to be themselves; funny, creative and brilliant.
6. Tell them directly and sincerely how very proud you are of them, especially when they step outside of their place of comfort.
7. Your Capricorn child will need an encouraging push to enjoy the outdoors; as they have little enthusiasm for sports or outside activities.

Order and routine provide Capricorn children with a sense of security that they desperately require. They normally keep to themselves and are even-tempered. They are patient and have a will of steel; instead of throwing a useless temper tantrum, they will slowly and methodically wear down the resistance of their parents to get to their ultimate goal and desired result.


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