Cancer Child

cancer child

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac calendar and includes those born from June 22nd to July 22nd. Emotional and family-oriented, Cancer men and women make for extremely fulfilling relationships and likewise it is a delight to raise a Cancer child.

A Little Dreamer

   People born into the sign of Cancer tend to be dreamers and the same might be true of your little one as well. A Cancer child is usually happiest while ranging free in his own world of dreams and ideas. You may seem them perfectly content to snuggle up with a book on their lap or watch television instead of going out to play with other kids, unless it is an activity that really interests them. When in a group, a Cancer child will most likely go along with the flow instead of taking the initiative like an Aries child or perhaps remain completely passive about what’s going on. The best way to get them involved is to encourage them to come up with their own games or ideas about how best to play them. Cancer children are highly imaginative beings and once left to themselves can surprise you with their creative output, whether in terms of ideas or material result.

A Shy Personality

   Cancer children are believed to be shy and far from forthcoming about what they want and how they feel. This can be difficult for a parent who is expected by their Cancer child to exactly understand their needs and wants and offer these without being asked to. Since Cancer children are often intuitive about other people’s feelings, they expect others~ or their parents at least~ to have the same sixth sense as it were. If you find yourself perpetually guessing what is going on behind that angelic smile of your child, try to establish a system of clear and easy communication with them. Once you, if you give your little Cancer the freedom to speak their minds and to tell you what they need when they need it, you will not only find them discarding their shyness but actually blossoming into self-assured individuals.

Their Famed Moodiness

   While it is true that Cancer children do not have the forthrightness of an Aries or the vehemence of a Scorpio, they are rarely shy to the point of hiding the truth. If they love you they will tell you and if they disagree with you they will also tell you. This kind of quiet honesty is often misconstrued as moodiness. For one day you may find your kid taking immense delight in a warm snuggle with you while the next day when you go up to them, they may calmly tell you that this is not the time for a cuddle and that they want to play with their toys now. Likewise, you need to leave it to your little Cancer to decide when they want to share things with you and when they need to be left alone. If they are in the mood, they might tell you how so-and-so hurt their feelings today at school. But if they are not in the mood to share confidences, nothing you can say will prod them to explain. Like the Crab whose sign they bear, they will simply retreat into their shells till the time they feel like coming out again. Thus as a parent, your best route to communication with a Cancer child is acceptance and gentle guidance. Let their personality come through and don’t try to change them or make them talk until they are ready to.

Living In A World Of Emotions

   Like the adults, Cancer children too live in a world of emotions. They are sensitive to how people around them handle their feelings and desires and can edge away if met with indifference or aggression. So if your Cancer child is concerned about a playmate, make sure you hear them out and reciprocate with compassion instead of telling them to forget about problems that have nothing to do with them. Above all Cancer children need to feel emotionally close to people they love, including their parents, and in tune with what they are thinking and feeling in order to feel happy and loved. The downside of this emotional nature is a tendency to be over-sensitive. Cancer children thus are more prone to get hurt by unfeeling remarks or rude words from other children at play or school. The best thing for you to do is to make them feel loved and assured at home and build in their inner strength so that they can better cope with a sometimes unfeeling world.

A Nurturing Heart

   One of the greatest delights of bringing up a Cancer child is to see them love and nurture you like a little adult, probably because they have the Moon as the governing planet which enhances their caring and feminine aspects. You can trust your little Cancer to cuddle up with you and shower you with kisses and hugs when they are in the mood. If they see you tired or in pain very often they will take it upon themselves to care for you in the manner they fit. They will not only tell you how to love them but they will also tell you how you need to be loved. However, sometimes in their desire to nurture, Cancer children can get slightly overbearing or they might insist that their way of expressing love and care is the best. When met with opposition, a Cancer child will usually argue their cause with all the passion at their disposal and sometimes even snap with their crab-like claws. At such times, it is up to you as a parent to explain to your child that sometimes the best way to nurture and care for another person is by listening to them and giving them love in a way that works for them.  Not everyone is a lost lamb in search of a shepherd.  And finally, not everyone who disagrees with them is wrong.

Surround Them With Family Love

   Family ties are extremely important to all Cancers, but to children it is crucial for their very upbringing. They thrive best when in the midst of a loving family. However, sometimes they may display a tendency to play favorites with a parent~ not only depending more on that parent but also getting overly possessive about them. The best remedy in such situations is not to allow the child’s need for anyone but rather ensure that your child gets equal quality time with both parents.

Time For Play

1. Their imagination is going to be their best friend.
2. Homemade toys will be a favorite of theirs and allow them to be creative.
3. Soft, cuddly stuffed animals and teddy bears will not go to waste on these children, and they love the comfort and security of a hug.
4. Anything that will be a creative outlet is going to keep this child engrossed.

For the first few months of life, they will be shy and resist anyone else except their mother. Because of their natural love of water, bath time should be a pleasant experience. Due to their shyness, they will need lots of approval and encouragement to explore outside their comfort zone.

They constantly want to please and hate to have anyone disappointed in their behavior or actions. This child is rarely considered a “follower” or a “leader”; they beat to their own drum and thrive on independence. These are the children to get a paper route or have a lemonade stand on the side walk, as they don’t want to depend on an allowance to be their source of income.

Of the zodiac signs, Cancer children are not a concern to be the most difficult to raise and/or discipline, which is good news for parents.

Tips For Parents With A Cancer Child

1. Keep them secure and reassured, but prepare them mentally for the cold reality of the world.
2. Help them express emotions in a healthy way as they may become nasty and unruly, if depressed or sad.
3. Humor is going to be a useful tool when dealing with your Cancer child.
4. They can get moody and this is going to be a challenge for parents to control.
5. Cancer children will have a “needy” tendency, and parents need to be the ones to let go~ or cut the apron strings~ at the appropriate time.
6. Emotional development of this child may be hampered and a bitter attitude may develop, if their sensitivity is ignored by their parents.
7. Their vivid imagination and creativity should not be stifled; it is an important way for them to express themselves.
8. Dear Parents, please note that an extra dose of patience may be necessary in raising your child who is born under the horoscope sign of Cancer (aka: the CRAB).
9. They do appreciate their own space, if possible.

If the behavior of saving everything is not dealt with in their young years, Cancer children may grow up to be considered “hoarders”, as they will not be able to toss away or donate stuff they no longer use.


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