Aquarius Child

aquarius child

Marked by an open mind and inquiring intellect, Aquarius children are likely to keep you on your toes. Individuals with this zodiac sign are born from January 20th to February 19th.

Keen And Inquiring Minds

   The characteristic that marks an Aquarius child most clearly is perhaps their keen and inquiring minds. They are interested in getting into the heart of everything and knowing what runs them. So don’t be surprised to find your Aquarius child taking apart your toaster or TV remote just to see how it works. And, incredibly enough after being reassembled again, the appliance might work better than before. Aquarius children are extremely intelligent and use that intelligence to create daily adventures for themselves. An Aquarius child is not content to sit sweetly by your side calmly painting pictures. While keeping up with this kind of intensely active mind might get overwhelming at times, try not to dampen their curiosity or their intellectual enthusiasm. Keep them busy with enough books to read and introduce them to as many varied interests like music, sports, dance, art as you can. Many Aquarius children grow up to have a knack for fine arts and an impeccable taste in fashion and lifestyle while almost all of them are well read and culturally aware.

Curious Duality In Social Connections

   Aquarius is one of the few zodiac signs to display a duality in their interpersonal connections. On one hand they are highly social and can be found to have friends from all walks of life and of every kind of personality. You might be told by your child’s teacher or school counselor that they are the class clown who enjoys making the other kids laugh. Aquarius children love hanging out with others perhaps more than anybody else and even as very young children will have a multitude of playmates. At the same time, however, you will not find your child getting involved into the nitty-gritty of human emotions. Aquarius children can easily and indeed prefer to remain detached from the messy world of human emotions. While they don’t have the inborn gift of becoming team leaders, neither do they make good followers since an Aquarius seems to march to the tune of a different drummer altogether.

   Like their emotional detachment, Aquarius’ don’t care very much for physical love too. For them love is all about sharing ideals and projects as well as taking part in lively discussions. While in adults this detachment manifests itself as an inexplicable discomfort with physical intimacy, in your Aquarius child you can see this as a curious self-sufficiency; they will not want to be hugged or held so often by a parent, no matter how close to them.

Desire For Personal Freedom

   The reason why most Aquarius’ prefer to distance themselves emotionally from their loved ones is an ingrained need for personal independence. This is probably due to the influence of Uranus which is one of the two ruling planets of this Zodiac, the other being Saturn. Those Aquarius’ ruled by Uranus are unconventional, original and take pleasure in eccentric modes of thought or behavior just to emphasize their highly individualistic bent of mind. For these children – just like adults of their zodiac – any kind of limitations imposed on them by external agents is an anathema. So, you might find your normally happy and bright Aquarius child chafing against dining table rules or curfew hours. The best way to deal with this is to explain rationally and logically why certain rules need to be followed at home and in the larger society. The more you take the “because I say so” line with your Aquarius child, the less likely you will be able to get your point across.

   Interestingly enough, among those Aquarius’ where the primary ruler is the planet Saturn, a strong bias towards conventionality is apparent. These individuals are highly disciplined, sometimes even parsimonious and once they are set in their ways at home or work, are extremely reluctant to change. So if your Aquarius son or daughter gets up at 5:30 in the morning and leaves at 6:10 to train for soccer, you might find them sticking to the same routine even on days when you don’t feel like getting up early to drop them to practice. What unites the two strains of Aquarius character is a high degree of commitment to the value system or way of life they believe in. They will follow to a ‘T’ whatever suits them fine, whether or not it matches norms laid down by others.

Visionaries Of The Zodiac

   Finally, whether an Aquarius is ruled primarily by Uranus or Saturn, what marks them out is a forward looking bent of mind. Beneath their classy appearances, there exists an active intellect, striving to make sense of several things at once and coming up with its own propositions for the betterment of the universe. It is this reformist tendency which makes most Aquarius’ generous and broad-minded. You might find your little Aquarius turned off by mean and petty natures as easily as they take up the cause of the underdog. The Symbol of the Aquarius is the Water-Bearer and quite appropriately too, considering that people of this sign are eager to bestow the gifts of new thoughts and ideas on humanity. Aquarius’, whether children or adults, are determined to make the world a better place and here the watchword is ‘determined’. This is because while being open minded, Aquarius’ can become quite obstinate too when met with opposition to their ideas. Similarly, you may be surprised by the stubborn streak in your Aquarius child when they say that they are no longer going to attend classes of a particular teacher because they are rude and unprincipled. This obstinacy may be the result of the fixed sign that Aquarius bears. Here it is you job as a parent to help them understand that sometimes our teachers, bosses and other authority figures are not as intelligent as we would like them to be.  The key is helping an Aquarius child to find a way to work within the system while still maintaining their personal sense of integrity.  A good way of doing this is to remind them that life is a game and all games have rules or else they become too easy to challenge the intellect.

Time For Play

1. These children love being around their friends and making them laugh. They are not particular, they have friends of all races and religions.

2. They will be entertained by disassembling an electronic device in your home and putting it back together again (and don’t be surprised if the DVD player, IPod or the vacuum works better after they are finished tinkering with it).

3. They will create full adventures on a daily basis; their imagination is vast.

The children born under the horoscope sign of Aquarius are very intelligent and creative. You are blessed to be able to spend time with Aquarius children, as they are delightfully funny and happy children that will certainly keep you entertained.

Tips For Parents With An Aquarius Child

1. Keep a sense of humor for these “class clowns.”
2. “Because I say so,” is going to fall on deaf ears. These children need to know and understand the rules in a logical manner.
3. Punishment by taking away play time and video games will be ineffective, due to the fact that an Aquarius child will find entertainment with an adventure story.
4. Encourage their unique (out of the box) thinking and style.
5. Allow them to have their routines, it is needed for their security, and to remain “grounded” in the world.

There also needs to be a balance for children Aquarius children. It is not easy for them to respect those in authority (teachers for example) when they feel that poor or illogical decisions are being made.

They must be taught to work with the structured system (even if not an exact science), and still maintain their dignity and individualism.

They relate well when life is approached as a game of skill; they need to be instructed that there will always be rules, regulations and obstacles in life, and that they need to be approached in a calm and intelligent manner.


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