Virgo vs The Zombie Apocalypse

zombie 2   When organization and meticulous care or detail is required, keep a Virgo close, especially a Virgo female. Earth signs in general tend to be stable and put together, but Virgos do it passionately~ well, as passionately as an earth sign is capable of being. A Virgo will give you an accurate account of the troops, of weapons, of Zombie estimations~ hell, they’ll give you the weather forecast in China if you ask for it. Give them specific instructions and a list of your expectations, then watch them work. The Virgo men are less organ-ized but more versatile. If you ever need a mole to infiltrate the Zombies and gather useful knowledge, send a Virgo along. They might not have the sensitivity or artistry required to churn out Oscar-worthy performances, but they can act the part with efficiency when needed. They are good at being stone-faced or hiding their emotions, they do it most of the time anyway. They can walk amongst the Zombies with dead expressions on their faces better than anyone else. They are also good at recording and accumulating information, with their attention to detail being of particular use. You might have sent them to figure out how many Zombies there are in a particular area, but they’ll come back and give you an account of everything about each Zombie, from attire, hair color, degree of mutilation, level of aggressiveness, and by the end of it, you might feel like you just got an Academy Awards’ Red Carpet account of the gruesome, terrifying foe you’re supposed to be at war with.

   With people around you that can give you anything from strategy to aggression to leadership and intelligence, you need someone to tie it all together with some good old-fashioned common sense, and it doesn’t come more common than the Virgo’s sense of reasoning. Virgo’s don’t appreciate far-fetched scenarios, over-the-top drama or an extravagant use of the imagination~ give them simple logic any day and they’ll lap it up. So have a chat with your Virgo moles about your strategies or courses of action, and be sure to pay heed to the two cents they throw in. But most importantly, just keep them around~ at the very least, you’ll have much tidier surroundings with a Virgo around.


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