Scorpio vs The Zombie Apocalypse

zombie 2

   Ideally speaking, a Scorpio’s best talents are better enjoyed in the bedroom than in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse, but that doesn’t mean their passionate natures can’t be used in the war against the undead. If anything, consider the fact that the seductive, sensual nature of the Scorpio that wins over their partners in the bedroom, can just as easily be applied in a war. Granted, seduction won’t really work against Zombies, even with a Scorpio doing it, but that doesn’t mean that the easy charm of the Scorpio can’t be used to spy on different factions of the troops. In such a large scale war, it’s important to keep an eye on the people on your own side, as much as the people against you. Scorpios have the knack for seamlessly blending in with people, winning them over with charm and grace, while pilfering as much infor-mation from them as they can. People tend to spill their deepest, darkest secrets to the Scorpio, so send them around to your troops, to the public, to any place that you are concerned about, and trust them to obtain and assess the necessary information. The sensitive, perceptive nature of the Scorpio is ideal for assessing the moods of people, so you can handily use the information they carry back to you in judging just what state the morale is in around the camps.

   Be on your guard though, because the Scorpio can just as easily spy on you for the people in their camps. That’s not to say that they’re not loyal or trustworthy, but you can never be sure of where a Scorpio’s allegiance lies~ they have secrets that run far deeper than anyone can see~ and while they can gather up all the secrets of everyone they come across, they are equally good at making sure none of their own slips out. They’re enigmatic, charismatic and diplomatic, which is everything you would need from a politician, were this not a Zombie Apocalypse. So use them the way a politician should ideally be used: to charm the people, to win over confidence, and to keep everything up their sleeve and not out where people can see it. Scorpios wouldn’t make bad soldiers either, with their passionate, aggressive natures ideal in “heat-of-the-moment” situations, but it would be a waste if they got killed or turned into a Zombie. One thing’s for sure though, even a Zombie Scorpio would probably charm your pants off.


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