Sagittarius vs The Zombie Apocalypse

zombie 2

   There is never a time when the typical Sagittarius optimism won’t come in handy, but it’s particularly useful to have around when you’re battling an army of the undead and in the middle of an apocalypse. Nothing dampens the Sagittarius spirit, unless it’s something trivial like a gnat on their forehead or the fact that out of the 300 things that went their way in a single day, one single thing didn’t. But even then, their irritation is short-lived and you’ll soon see them flashing that impish smile at you. Sagittarius can do an assortment of different roles in an emergency situation such as a Zombie Apocalypse, ranging from foraging for food, scouting out territory or even gathering food supplies. They’ll do any job you ask of them, all with cheerfulness and no shortage of skill. You can run up to a Sagittarius and announce that a band of Zombies have broken into your secret hideout and are seconds away from discovering you, but the Sagittarius will simply smile and say, “Pass me that rifle” and “Hey, what’s for lunch today?” If you’re headed into a pressure-packed situation, take a Sagittarius along.

   It also helps that these Jupiter-borns have Lady Luck stashed away in their corner. You might find lint or fuzz on your seat at the movie theatre, if anything, but the Sagittarius will find a crisp $20 bill lying there. They have inexplicably good fortune in everyday life, so it’s not a bad idea to keep a couple of them close by at all times or even rub them together for better luck. They are very outdoorsy and tend to love hikes and bikes and anything that puts them in motion. Sedentary life is not for this Zodiac sign; give them travel and adventure any day! So if you want to best utilize their skills, send them out to forage for extra food or to scout out the lands past the forests and even through the mountains. With their luck, you never know what they might bring back~ could be anything from a suitcase of ammunition to a rare cure for the entire Zombie infestation. You just never know with a Sagittarius. Their good spirit, knack for mimicry and smiling face will have a positive influence on your troops and might even get the Zombies to crack a smile or two~ if anyone can do the impossible, it’s a Sagittarius.


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