Pisces vs The Zombie Apocalypse

zombie 2

   Ever heard the saying, “Slippery as a fish?” No prizes for guessing what member of the Zodiac that statement best describes. Pisces are very much like the fish that is their Zodiac sign’s symbol: they swim through the vast expanse of the Universe, reflecting upon what they know to be true and what they wish was not true. The Pisces, during a zombie apocalypse will similarly be contemplative and imaginative, searching for artistic possibilities to best capture the plight of both races. Toss a net into the water and try to confine them into any kind of rigid structure, and the Pisces will show you how slippery they can be and find a stealthy way out. What’s more, they’ll be extra wary of you in the future. No, abrupt or blunt gestures do not sit well with this Zodiac sign. Approach them gently if you want something from them. They are dreamers, thinkers and artists. They respond to words not actions. They love conversation and abhor violence~ hardly the kind of people that you’d like to have alongside you while fighting Zombies, right? Wrong! Pisces can be extremely useful.

   They are the oldest sign in the Zodiac and thus also considered the wisest. Their wisdom is not academic like the Capricorn’s or theoretical like the Aquarius’, but soulful and emotional as you would expect from a water sign. You can hardly set them next to your tacticians and ask them to devise a strategy to annihilate fellow beings, even if they are just Zombies. Giving them a gun and asking them to fight at the front of the lines isn’t any better, be-cause a typical Pisces is averse to any kind of violence. Instead, have them float around the camps and use their influence and considerable intelligence as best as they see fit. Pisces are very influential speakers, capable of expressing their thoughts as well or better than any sign. They are also remarkably tenacious at any task you set them at. Ask them to counsel the troops and they’ll approach the task with admirable energy. You can also put their creative minds to use in the kitchen or in the entertainment field~ the troops needs an escape from war and the prospect of death. Pisces are also remarkably observant and have the strongest memory of any sign in the Zodiac, which is another reason keeping them around is not a bad idea. They will remember details that your own mind might have assumed were too insignificant to hold onto.

   Pisces are versatile beings, whose intelligent and compassionate personalities can adapt to a myriad of duties and responsibilities. They bond well with animals and are interesting, caring conver-sationalists. Play to their strengths and you may just find that the fish is a valuable asset to have around during a time of war.


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