Libra vs The Zombie Apocalypse

zombie 2

   Just like the Virgo is a good organizer and pays strong attention to detail, the Libras you surround yourself with will be masterful managers, even if their day jobs before the Apocalypse ranged anywhere from dancer to veterinarian. All Libras are managers at heart, not in the sense that they make terrific leaders, which they certainly do at times, but in that they are really good at managing a lot of different things at once. Keep the Libra in charge of rations and you will have a stockroom full of neatly labeled and organized supplies, appropriately arranged for even distribution. Have them simultaneously manage your Intel room and you’ll find rows and rows of alphabetically arranged folders, neatly cross-sectioned with the essential references and appropriate resources. As long as they’re managing both these jobs well, why not have them keep track of personnel? They’ll come back with stacks of thick files containing information about all the people you have in your troops, with special mentions of any particular skills or talents that might come in handy in the war against Zombies. It might sound like the Libra would make a better assistant than a manager, but trust me, make them a manager. They have the kind of gentle, authoritative charm necessary to oversee a lot of people, and while they might inspire their charges the way a Leo would, they will still get the job done. Libras are also far more intelligent and cunning than they might appear and it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all to pick on their brain when it comes to strategizing or planning a new assault against the Zombies.

   Libras are also born peace-makers. You know the scales that they carry around with them all the time? Give them a reason to use it and they’ll love you! Sit them down in the midst of a section of the troops that aren’t seeing eye-to-eye, and the Libra will happily weigh each side’s argument and establish peace with enviable efficiency. They make excellent mediators and that’s not a bad skill to have around at all when you’re raging war against Zombies and nerves are constantly on edge. Sometimes a level head is what is needed and that’s where the Libra will come in handy!


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