How To Seduce Sagittarius Man

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   Maybe he is your kid’s teacher or maybe your professor. You listen to him talk, animatedly, about… well what was it he was talking about? You got caught up in his enthusiasm and vibrancy. His eyes sparkle brightly and his intensity is completely alluring. You checked out for a minute thinking about how you want to be bent over his desk while he takes a ruler to your ass for being naughty. Then you thought how badly you want to show him just how well you learned your lesson and ask him to “teach” you more. Your Sagittarius man will turn your mind on with romantic intelligence and then turn your body on with the passion only a fire sign can invoke.

   How do you become teacher’s pet? As the “Indiana Jones” of the Zodiac, the Sagittarius is a man who loves travel and adventure. Couple that with his thirst for knowledge and you have a man who is as well rounded as he is gorgeous. You have to be someone who has that same thirst for adventure and knowledge. For all your intelligence and beauty you must be as sweet and thoughtful. Show him that you care and that he matters to you. Be someone who can appreciate his independence and understand that he will come back to you when he takes off on his own to explore parts unknown. He is determined to live life to the fullest and question everything he sees. Be the one he wants to share all his discoveries with.

   The Sagittarius man will instantaneously respond to the advances of someone who radiates a vibrant energy and confident sex appeal. Walk up to him, slip him your number and simply walk away. If he is single, you will likely get a call. If anything, that little stunt intrigued him and had him wanting to find out more about you. Set up your date; go to some place new to the town or a place neither of you have tried. Consider a date that appeals to his intellectual side like going to a book reading or even to see an independent film. You want to get his creative juices flowing because those get the other juices flowing when fully stimulated. For your date, make yourself gorgeous. Wow him with your good looks then hook him with your witty sense of humor and your lust for life. Let him learn all about you. The more intriguing he finds you the more he will want to follow you, impress and surprise you.

   Do not be surprised if you close down the restaurant or bar you were at. It is very easy to get caught up in conversation with a Sagittarius man. When you do talk listen to him carefully, there may be a quiz later. Though seriously, ask questions, ask his opinion; the more you engage the mind above his shoulders, the more you can engage the one below the belt. He is passionate about many things; those passions you share give you the opportunity to agree while you gently touch his thigh. Let him associate your shared interests with sexual opportunity. Share your sense of adventure with him; suggest going to interesting places together or something you always wanted to try. It may have taken a little bit to get the date going but once you two start flirting and relaxing, everything else will surely pick up.

   Sex with a Sagittarius is just like as it should be, intense and adventurous. He loves to spoil his lover and has no problem with being romantic or erotic. He has no inhibitions; if it sounded like a good idea at the time then he is up for it. He would be thrilled if you suggested making love in unconventional places like outside for instance. Of course there may be times that weather could be an issue but you could overcome this with some creativity. Since the Sagittarius erogenous zones are his thighs, gently stroking him there will turn him on and make him ready for anything, anywhere. This can be anywhere from the back seat of your car to a secluded space on the beach. One thing is for sure~ it will be fun and feel oh so damn good.

   You dazzled him and he comes back for more. You keep him by appreciating his independence and letting him know you will be behind him whatever he needs. In many ways he is a perfect mate. He will love that you have things you need to do or accomplish. He doesn’t need to be the center of your universe but will want a piece. He will support your endeavors and give you whatever time or space you need… so long as you can do the same for him. A Sagittarius man does not like to be tied down, but that doesn’t mean he does not want a relationship. You will need to learn when to hold on and when to let go, and he needs to know he can come home to you and tell you everything he experienced.

   There are many paths one can take to capturing the rambunctious Sagittarius heart. When he finally decides to settle down, he wants a real companion, his true soul mate. His perfect partner is one with an independent spirit, a thirst for life and the compassion for all that is in it. You know what you want in life and you’re not afraid to go out and get it. You both will embody fearlessness of the unknown, the desire to learn more and freedom to explore the possibilities. More importantly his true soul mate is the one that is not only beautiful deep inside, but outside as well. There will be that one day you look up from the book you are reading and see he is grading papers or researching a grant to travel abroad. You realize that only with you he will share it all with, and he is well worth the wait.


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