How To Seduce Aquarius Man

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   Aquarius man is the man of creativity in your life. Be it a photographer or an artist, he captivated you with his imagination and his style. He has a unique outlook on life that is completely fascinating and absolutely intoxicating. When he speaks with you, you feel what he feels and see the colors in vibrancy he sees. You find his eccentricities adorable and his observations insightful. Your Aquarius man has hooked you in with one conversation and a smile.

   Sometimes he is on his own wavelength and it is hard for others to join in. Thinking outside the box or any norm for the matter is status quo for the Aquarius male. He loves to discover the possibilities and what could be alongside what reality sets forth. Potential mates find themselves without the patience or intellectual understanding when dealing with an Aquarius man and that is where you can take advantage. When you catch on to what he is seeing, you will discover his brilliance and true attractiveness.

   Understand he is an air sign. The element and those within it are very independent and free spirited. He adores his freedom and craves the endless search for more. More is whatever he likes, whatever hobbies he has, even the quest of learning something new. Just because your Aquarius man is free as air does not mean he will be very hard to get. He is an extrovert and loves socializing. He could have conversations with everyone, but he could very well notice you. While yes, he can be a bit difficult to attract and seduce, a little bit of time invested and he will be yours. You will need to be witty and crafty with a slight air of mystery to win his heart.

   To seduce your Aquarius man, you’ve got to be relaxed and detached about it. If you come on too strong, it will be game over. He will have figured you out immediately and getting to his bed will never be an option. This sign equates thinking with every facet of his life, including relationships, and thinking is what this sign does best. Like fellow air signs Gemini and Libra, become his friend. Be the friend that stands out. Be the one that truly listens to his creative thoughts and the one that has faith in his next idea.

   Hang out with him. Intrigue Aquarius man with new and shiny things. Go to places you’ve never been or try new things with him. If there is something he hasn’t done yet, and you might know something about it, use it to your advantage and take him. Whatever you do, be yourself. Remember, thinking to him is like the air we breathe. He will see right through you if you are doing anything for his benefit. Phony and clingy will write you off permanently if he senses them.

   When you experience these new things with him, do not be afraid to share your opinions. He will love every word. Aquarius man loves to talk and he will discuss anything. Seriously, he will talk about anything at all. Nothing is too taboo or painful. He will appreciate you more if you can do the same. Whether it is good or bad, he can agree to disagree about most anything. As a close friend, someone of importance in his life, he will want to know your thoughts and getting to know you as much as possible. The more of your intellect you show and the better conversations you two have, the more he will find you attractive.

   How attractive he finds you, again, will be tied into how well you mesh intellectually. For all his focus on intellect and logic, he is rather unpredictable. He is flirtatious by nature, so it might be hard to gauge when he is really into you as his mate. He will have no problem showing you. He may initiate the first kiss or even tell you he wants to kiss you. He also has no problem with things taking a natural course the first time out. Sex with an Aquarius man is just like he is, unpredictable and freeing.

   Sexual intercourse with him should remain fun and light. No need for the emotions that can come during, it is all about enjoying each other. What can he do to make you moan and what can you do to make his eyes roll to the back of his head? He is a sexually confident being and can appreciate the spice of role playing or even something as simple as varying positions. The point of sex for him is about enjoying you and himself. He wants you to do the same.

   Though the sex is out of this world and you have a good relationship going, you might want more. The thing is that your Aquarius man is probably happy with how things are. To him finding a mate that he is friends with, and equally sexually and mentally stimulated by, is all he wants. The most you may get as far as a commitment are plans made at the end of your last date or a phone call during the week. A romantic friendship may be all he is capable of for quite a while. Marriage is emotional and he is not. When he is ready, if he is ever, he will ask you.

   Your Aquarius man is a breath of fresh air. His creativity and imagination is intoxicating. His unique outlook on everything is intriguing as it is stimulating. With him you may never feel more alive and more in tune with the world around you. You never once feel like you are losing yourself, you feel like you gain more and become more every moment you spend with him. Everything is new and will always be new so long as you follow his lead into the unknown. He will let you be you and will keep you as long as you let him be him.


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