Gemini vs The Zombie Apocalypse

zombie 2

    Any war isn’t complete without an eye-witness and the Zombie Apocalypse would never become a legacy worth reliving without the aid of a Gemini. Adaptability, reconnaissance and perception are some of Gemini’s strengths, along with the knack for stealth and surveillance. Geminis makes the best moles, spies and infiltrators. They have an easy, comforting charm about them, the kind that is unlikely to ruffle feathers. They also have a remarkable ability to keep hidden when needed. While they might not make the best front-line soldiers or combat specialists, trust them to gather all the intelligence you need about the enemy. You may have individuals at your side that have eliminated hundreds of Zombies, but ask them anything about their behavioral patterns and you will get blank faced responses. This is where the Gemini comes in. They are particularly skilled at observing and recognizing people’s behavioral tendencies. If they spend five minutes observing the Zombies, either as a group or individually, they will be able to mimic their every gesture or mannerism, as well as give advice on how best to separate, confuse or rattle them. Reconnaissance is the name of the Gemini game.

   If you must arm Gemini or give them a mode of transport, then stick to the air. Geminis make good pilots and can perform air-surveillance better than any other sign in the Zodiac. They have the intelligence required to recognize and discern intricate patterns and shapes. Send them on a flight over a Zombie site and they’ll report back with astounding~ if somewhat extravagant~ detail. Yes, you might notice that they have a gift of the gab, but this skill is best put to use by giving them a pencil and paper. Geminis make good journalists. They may lack the Cancer or Pisces sensitivity for art, but a Gemini’s journal is bound to be brimming with shrewd insight. If you have no other use for a Gemini, have them simply write up all they know and have observed about the Zombies. You will end up with a thick book of information that could well stand as a reference guide for the entire Zombie Apocalypse!

   A soldier or marksman they are not, but the Gemini has many uses to match their different personalities and are always handy to have around in a sticky situation.


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