Capricorn vs The Zombie Apocalypse

zombie 2

   Whether it’s the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse or just merely recess at school, the best place to find a Capricorn is at the library. They will have their nose in some obscure book, reading up on the factual information about some random subject, or else research-ing a topic you or I couldn’t even spell. They are the wizards of knowledge, able to spew off a monologue of information on almost any topic you mention, and the best part is that their thirst for learning is never quenched. During a Zombie Apocalypse, keep your Capricorns in the lab or at your research center, decoding information, analyzing clues or else investigating cures or treatments for the infestation. Remember those Virgo moles you sent out? Have a Capricorn analyze and interpret the information. They have shrewd, tactical minds, which when combined with their depth of knowledge, allows them to make ideal decisions. They are quiet, perceptive people with generally high I.Qs and calm dispositions. Not a bad sort of person to have as part of your brain trust or think-tank, especially when lives are at stake.

   Gentle folk they are though, if you’re looking for the ultimate weapon or kill-tool to launch against the Zombies, have a chat with your brainy Capricorn. They will combine the reports of all the spies and moles, take into account the depth of your supplies, and then devise the best source of aggressive action, one that will cause maximum damage with minimum risk. Easier said than done, for you or me perhaps, but for the Cap? Piece of cake. They are born problem-solvers, adept at sizing up a situation and deciding on the best course of action. They are great with puzzles and a Rubik’s cube is a child’s play. They are the perfect candidates for mazes, particularly if there is strategy involved and their dependent on intelligence as opposed to dumb luck, in which case send a Sagittarius in.  They are highly innovative people, who love to experiment and explore new avenues of thought. Aquarius’ are experimental too, but while their experiments are based on whims and eccentric ideas, Capricorns plan and plot their ways through any new idea or conception. As a result, a Capricorn strategy, invention or creation is reliably effective and result-oriented. Do you want to cure the Zombies or else destroy them? Whatever the answer, whisper it to the Capricorn, then step back and wait~ they’ll make it happen.


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